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FOX (ended 2002)


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  • Ally Mcbeal was a show that within a blink of an eye you could be tearing up, smiling, or burst out laughing, a show that made you feel great each week, of course it is well missed but DVDS bring it back.

    I am a big TV watcher, grew up in the 70's and watched lots of shows and if I were to pick my Favorite or the Best it be Ally Mcbeal.

    Now there was only one other show that was this good it was MASH, different type of shows but kept you coming back .

    I really enjoy the years Ally was on, to hear the intro song till the ending credits well worth the hour. Now the cast were perfect choices each one had their own mark on the show which made it as Popular as it was.

    I bought the DVDS of complete seasons which very tough to get cheap, but it is like the show never went off the air. I love to see a rebroadcast of the complete seasons on TVland or even SOAP channel.

    The music now there was a real treat just great tunes, the bar made you want to work in this kind of atmoshere just a great time, great guest singers, funny plots, all time favorite is John's Bary White Dance. Yes this is a show saddly missed love to see a reunion show like MASH did, or even a Movie version be awesome with original cast only though this show can not be remade.
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