Ally McBeal

Season 4 Episode 16

The Getaway

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

Richard convinces John to take a much-needed vacation with him for two days to Los Angeles. Feeling spurned by their loved ones, and only devoted to work, they decide to take off for L.A., leaving Ally in charge of the firm. Both act true to typical form, with John uncertain about everything, and Richard trying to drum up business on the flight there. His obnoxious statements and actions in front of the passengers cause the pilot to refrain him from speaking, after angering the flight attendant and passengers. He keeps his antics up, and is arrested upon arriving at the airport. John represents him, and the judge lets him off.

Soon after, Richard meets Jane, a young girl, while by the pool and invites her back to his room. While doing the hustle, police invade the room, and arrest them for solicitation and purchasing of such services. Jane explains that she is an aspiring actress under contract with her agent, who has her work as an escort. John again goes to court, and again Richard gets off, as does Jane. Jane takes the guys out and about for the day, and she and Richard enjoy each other's company. He later helps to get Jane out of her contract, in order to break out of the escort service and concentrate on acting.

Meanwhile, John has also had a taste of work and romance when he meets Cassandra, also by the pool. She is currently having legal problems. Her husband not only cheated on her, but set her up to have an affair with a man he hired, which will keep her from gaining money in any settlement. John is drawn to her, and offers to help. He ends up, after a passionate speech, getting her ex to offer $3 million in a settlement, which she will take. John has her pull off some dramatics, and gets the offer drummed up to $4.2 million. The two later spent a comfortable night at her place talking and dancing, while Richard and Jane show the crowd at a bar the hustle.

The next day, it's time to go. Richard and Jane never have the sex he originally wanted to have, but he does get a parting hug. Cassandra also shows up, with a painting from her studio for John, "Gentle Soul," which she offers with a kiss. Richard and John head back to the airport, and warm goodbyes. All parties say they are glad to have met each other, and seem sad to part.
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