Ally McBeal

Season 1 Episode 3

The Kiss

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1997 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ally is in her office with Elaine preparing herself for her first date with Cheanie. Georgia comes in and asks Ally to co-council in her sexual discrimination case. Barbare Walters was a news anchor and was fired because she had aged too much. Georgia asks Ally to help her because the opposing lawyer is Jack Billings.

At pre-trial, the notion for dismissing the case is denied. Later, while Ally is on her date with Cheanie everything goes as planned, until the end, when Cheanie kisses her...on the cheek. Ally doesn't know what to think of it and freaks out.

The next day, after being pissed off by Billings in court, Ally and Georgia are at Ally's talking about the case and the date when Cheanie comes by. Ally sends him away, promising an explanation the next day. Renee tells Ally she has to stop ruining her own love life.

A day later, the trial continues and it doesn't look good. Afterwards, back at the office, Cheanie comes by and breaks up with Ally. She runs of to the unisex upset and has a good talk with Billy.

The next time in court Ally does great and Georgia suggests that Ally does the closure. Because Ally has regained her confidence by her good performance she brings up the courage to confront Cheanie about the break-up. He admits that he was falling in love but her, but that he broke up because he didn't see a future, because Ally is the kind of person that will never be content.

When Ally does her clossure the next day odds are looking up and Jack Billings makes them an offer. Because of Ally's instincts they turn it down, which works out great because when the verdict is in they find out they won more than twice the money Billings had offered. To celebrate the victory Ally goes on a double date with Cheanie, who had called earlier for a 'what if' date, and Georgia and Billy.