Ally McBeal

Season 4 Episode 5

The Last Virgin

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

Tonight's ep centers around more of Ally's romantic turmoil, with a dash of legality thrown in for flavor.

Ally and Larry have been on two dates, and he still has not kissed her. Ally is beginning to think she's forgotten how to kiss, and talks with Renee, watches an instructional video, and gets a demonstration from Ling with John. After all this, and some extra primping, she's ready to smooch at the end of date #3. And she does get a kiss--just not the one she was expecting. Larry gives her a chaste goodnight kiss on the forehead, leaving Ally with eyes shut and lips apucker.

To make matters worse, the two find themselves as opposing counsel in their latest case. Kimmy, the uptight prude from last week that was suing Ally, has hired her to represent her, after not being made partner in her firm, because of her "virtue." This leads to some awkward moments for Ally and Larry, especially after he accuses her of not being open to being loved and loving. His closing statement seems more directed at Ally than at the jury deciding their case. It hits home with Ally, and with the jury, who find for Kimmy's firm. Kimmy takes the news well and goes as far as altering her prudish ways by asking John out, which he accepts. Ally later is confronted again by Larry, who wants to lay everything out in the open. Once done, with nothing left to hide, the two finally engage in the long-awaited kiss.

In a secondary storyline, after catching Ling practicing her kissing on John, Richard becomes bothered about the lack of spark between him and Ling. She states it's because she knows she "has" him already--there's no challenge or thrill of the unknown. He tries to adopt various personas to excite her again, to no avail. She agrees to try to make things hot, which works for him. He's happy again by the end.