Ally McBeal

Season 3 Episode 18

Turning Thirty

Aired Unknown May 01, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ally turns 30, and it's not a pretty sight. She wakes from dreaming of herself as a young girl, only to rush into the bathroom, looking for lines on her face. She sees herself old and wrinkled. She says that it's her 30th birthday, and that this is "worse than death".

Ally remains touchy about her birthday, and scraps with Mark, who assumes she's turning 40. Mark reluctantly allows Ally to 3rd chair his case, in order to get her out of the office, so that Elaine might plan Ally's party. Ally leaves for a doctor's appointment, to ask about collagen implants and working on the lines around her eyes. She is surprised to be greeted by Billy's neurosurgeon, who then encourages her to let him work on her lips. They turn out absolutely HUGE, and she has to attend court that way. Embarrassed by her swollen lips and Mark's comments in front of the room, Ally leaves.

Tonight's case involves the firm representing Lorna Flood, who 'accidentally' smothered her husband Henry to death with her ample breasts. Henry, however, was 89 at the time, while Lorna was a great deal younger, and also having relations with another man. Mark and John, minus Ally later obtain a verdict of "not guilty".

Elaine tries unsuccessfully to get the others to perform at the party. She and Renee talk about singing, and Renee hesitantly agrees to sing a duet with Elaine, as long as she isn't "singing backup". With new collagen lips not the answer, Ally goes in search of meaning somewhere else. She tries the church (the one they ALWAYS go to), and talks with the minister and Lisa, whom we've seen on prior episodes. They tell her God is not the answer to her loneliness, and needs a man in her life. Ally then goes back to her office, where Lisa comes to apologize. She urges Ally to go to her birthday party. Ally agrees, if Lisa will come.

At her party, Elaine and Renee attempt to sing a duet, but fighting over verses and lines leads to a full-blown brawl between the two while onstage. John then gets up and dedicates a song to Ally, whom he calls his best friend, and thanks for drawing him out and changing his life. He sings, with Renee's help, which moves Ally. Elaine busts in singing the last line of the song. The group dances later on. At the end of the night, Ally is talking to her father on the phone, about her party, and assures him that she's "fine". After hanging up, she sees Billy-the-Ghost. Ally tells him that she's not alone, and that all those people at the party were there for her. She turns down his offer to walk her home, and strolls alone, but seemingly content.

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