Ally - Season 1

FOX (ended 1999)


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  • The Affair
    The Affair
    Episode 13
    After Ally's old college professor dies, she is asked by the widow to give a speech. At first reluctant, she finally decides to do it after Billy supports her, causing Georgia and Ally's date to feel threatened for their close friendship.
  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    Episode 12
    Ally is turning 28. Elaine, Vonda and Renee make a performance at the bar. Elaine convinces Greg to sing for Ally too, and Renee joins him, making Ally jealous. They apologize for getting "too excited". He tells Ally he's moving to Chicago, but is in love with her. Unhappy with everything that has been going on, Ally discharges her anger in Elaine, who admits to feel shadowed by Ally.moreless
  • Those Lips, That Hand
    Georgia and Billy have to handle a client that has been fired because he had a bad hair do, and he will only get his job back if he gets a decent haircut, so Georgia convinces Ling to cut it for him. Richard wants to break up with Ling because they don't have sex, and the reason why is because Ling is too good at it, so Richard says he can drive her crazy using just his finger on her knee. It's Ally's birthday and Elaine makes a big show at the bar. John's birthday is coming and he feels old and lonely. He kisses Ally for no reason and Nelle gets Barry White to sing for him at the bar.moreless
  • The Blame Game
    The Blame Game
    Episode 10
    Ally runs into Glenn at the coffee shop, and he says he meant to call her. He tricks her to go on a date again. Feeling used, she decides to get back at him by humiliating him with "The Penguin". Billy is concerned about Ally's reputation (he's just jealous) and they have a fight, but they realize they just care about each other a lot.moreless
  • Boy to the World
    Boy to the World
    Episode 9
    It's Christmas. Ally and Renee go on a double date with Jason, the salad dresser guy, and John. But John thinks his date is Ally and feels humiliated when he asks her on another date. Richard's uncle died and the funeral speech about how much he hated short people troubles John. The Minister doesn't want Richard to read his speech and Richard takes it to court. John feels bad about his height and Ally comforts him.moreless
  • Fool's Night Out
    Fool's Night Out
    Episode 8
    A Minister is having problems with his ex-girlfriend. She sings in the church choir and she has been singing songs related to their relationship. Ally has to solve things and accidentally finds out the real reason why Billy left her to go to Michigan: he met Georgia.
  • Cro-Magnon
    Episode 7
    Ally and Renee are in sculpting class. The new model has a big penis and that drives them crazy. She runs into him in the coffee shop and he asks her out. She can't wait to sleep with him, and decides to do so, since he's leaving the country. She starts to hallucinate with a dancing baby, and John tells her to confront him, so he'll go away.moreless
  • The Dirty Joke
    The Dirty Joke
    Episode 6
    Ally has a complex of Julie Andrews, so she and Renee make a bet on Renee's dirty joke. Ally loses the bet and has to tell a very not funny joke at the bar. She humiliates herself in front of everybody. The Rabbi comforts her and they set a date.
  • The Attitude
    The Attitude
    Episode 5
    Ally has a date with a guy who leaves salad sauce on his face when he eats salad, and that drives her crazy. She has to go talk with a rabbi about a Karen's case, but she says stupid things and pisses him off. He asks Karen to leave the temple and Ally has to fix everything. She offends the rabbi again, and he asks her out. she turns him down and then asks him out.moreless
  • Drawing the Lines
    Drawing the Lines
    Episode 4
    Ally teaches Georgia how to drink coffee as if they were making love to it. The firm takes a big case of divorce. John's nose doesn't stop to make noises. Billy has dreams with Ally in the bathroom. She enters and starts talking to him. But he leaves and Georgia comes in and listens to Ally talking. Billy misses Ally, but she avoids him. So they decide to draw lines in their friendship. Richard takes photos of Mr. Hatfield cheating on his wife and the firm gets a settlement. Billy and Ally realize that their friendship is too important to draw any lines.moreless
  • One Hundred Tears Away
    Ally has a fight in the supermarket for potato chips, knocking out the other woman by putting her foot in her way. She's arrested for that and for stealing contraceptive gel. Ally's license is suspended because of a report that Judge Boyle made on her, so she has to attend a hearing to prove she's not crazy. She discovers that Whipper made the report based on Elaine's gossip. Ally isn't suspended and they all go celebrating at the bar. Ally calls home and feels that everything is all right.moreless
  • The Promise
    The Promise
    Episode 2
    Harry Pippin has a near heart attack outside the court and Ally does mouth to mouth resuscitation with him. He thinks it's a kiss and almost calls off his wedding because he thinks he's in love with Ally. His fiancée talks to Ally about how she's in love with him and how Ally can have whoever she wants, and the wedding is back.moreless
  • Once in a Lifetime
    Once in a Lifetime
    Episode 1
    John worries about his date with Ally and seeks for advice with the people around the office.