Almost Human

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2013 on FOX

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  • other version

    This time we get to meet another version of Dorian. So there are still some versions of this model around. We now see a bit more of the difference between humans and androids. Until now I always asked myself what the great difference is between humans and androids as Dorian actually seems like a perfect human. As we see this other version we see that this all depends on the programming. They seem to have the same basic programming, which means that sometimes they act the same and say the same things, but a lot depends on the information they program into them and also the experiences they had. As with humans experiences build up some of the character of the androids and make the other Dorian different in the long run. I personally thought that it was morally questionable of Dorian to erase part of the other Dorian's memory. He was treating him like a machine in this respect, which you can just program and erase, and not like a self determined individual.

    I also would have like to find out more about why they discontinued his model. We only got a few ideas but not the whole story. An episode with flashbacks to Dorian's past, when he was decommissioned would be very appreciated and interesting. When we see Dorian acting now, we really can't understand what the problem with these androids was.

    The story still works mostly because of the interplay between the two main character, but I am still missing the depth regarding the future technologies and the ethically problems which they bring.

    They kind of dodged the question in this episode why it is illegal to sell second hand artificial hearts. It makes actually no sense from a medical point of view, so they had to put in the extortion storyline to make us feel that this is a crime. A deeper story would have had some discussion about the power of the medical industry who can make more money when second hand organs are illegal, the power of companies have over which laws are passed and the gap between rich people who can afford to buy them and live longer and poorer people who are just left to die.

  • Another fantastic episode

    Another fantastic episode, this week Dorian meets another of his models who is now a janitor,
  • Always Awesome!

  • Best episode yet, show finally found its

    Until this episode I found the show to be a gimmicky ho-hum, not at all the cool future robot show I was hoping it would be. However this episode proved to be what I was expecting with some good buddy-cop back and forth, procedural police work and future tech all combined for a fun episode. I hope they keep this up and I hope it wasn't too late into the game to keep this show on the air.
  • Great episode. Good insight into Dorian.

    I'm actually sort of glad they held this episode back. It felt like Kennex and Dorian's relationship was possibly at its strongest here, and we got interesting insight into how Dorian thinks(him erasing the other DRN's memory of wanting to be a cop, but leaving him with the memory of a human connection with the child he saved was super sweet), in relationship to him and the other robots like him. It was the strongest episode so far and I honestly think it was better after having watched their relations sort of grow in the other episodes.

    Great episode, lots of laughs, and good insight making the characters deeper and rolling out an enjoyable plot while doing it.

  • DRN: The Humanity of Dorian

    Absolutely loved this episode and agree that it was the best since the pilot (last week's episode is a close 3rd and "Skin" being 4th). To me, the chemistry between Dorian and Kennex is perfection and I hope we do get deeper into their connection, not just skim the surface (though I love the witty banter!). Michael Ealy playing another version of himself was great to see because he's, clearly, not the only DRN still out there. Maybe this will open up the door for other possibilities of other DRNs and what they're up to nowadays. I was initially worried that they would jump the love ship quickly with Kennex/Stahl, but it seems the writers are giving this a slow burn and that's just what it needs. Overall, Rudy couldn't have modified this episode any better than what it was!
  • That was the sound of Good Police Work

    I was initially worried these episodes aired out of order would distort the growing relationship of Kennex and Dorian. I fear no longer. While this was s01e03 - it is clear there would be no long slow burn piecing together our new partners' relationship. They are already an old married couple. It is clear to me Wyman, rightfully so, believed this show's success would be directly linked to Kennex and Dorian being best buds. Trust, empathy, and friendship are firmly established already in what should have been the 3rd episode in. It's these two against the evil future world with some nice support from a solid cast. A show like Bones and NCIS can exist as strict procedurals (with occasional multi ep arcs) because of the amazing chemistry of the casts. Almost Human is dead set on this formula and is all in on the viewers falling in love with Kennian (Dorinnex?). From what I have seen, they are correct. But the paint by numbers case/investigate/twist/solve will only have my complete adoration if they begin to include a big picture arc. Insyndicate has been mentioned, but has been totally pushed to the side in order to have a simple story that caters to the partners dynamic. That has to change. Wyman and the folks at Bad Robot do great mythology in their sleep. Sleepy Hollow, for instance, has a clear building arc that convinces us that this story was planned over 13 episodes. No L O S T -write yourself out of the hole you dug. That show knows exactly where it is going - which makes the twists and turns so incredible and cohesive. Almost Human can have that if it hooks the audience and ratings are good enough that you don't have to cater to 1st time viewers.

    Now on to tonight's eppy. Arrhythmia was the best of the lot since the pilot. I'm not sure why Fox thought this would not be a great follow up to the strong premiere. Mike Ealy and more Mike Ealy... what is wrong with that? An interesting story about Black Market artificial hearts. It is a story that could be told in today's time - the only use for the future setting was the incredible leaps medicine has made with synthetic/organic organs. The very cool tech twist is that extortion is used by means of "turning off" the hearts if the money stops flowing to the Black Marketeers. And the risks people would take to have another crack at life. Also, it gets into why the DRNs were troublesome and reflects Dorian's "humanity" with his concerns about an unappreciated DRN doing menial work. Another reason why this ep would have been just fine in the 3rd episode slot. Very creepy watching folks essentially fully aware there is the equivalent of a kill switch in there bodies - and they even know the time it is going to activated. Scary stuff.

    Loved the episode! Very happy with the last couple eps and I am sliding out of my light pessimism back into excitement of with this show can offer. I would give tonight a B+

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