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In November I wrote a post called: Will Almost Human Break the Jinx? In this post I expressed my feeling that history didn’t favour Almost Human as every sci-fi series where humans cops were assisted by humanoid (robot) cops had been cancelled after the first season.

Two days ago, we had the penultimate episode with a pretty good story. It seemed to be mostly procedural and we’re left with the feeling that there is an arc out there somewhere. We just didn’t get enough information about it. Our weekly reviewer @edshrinker, based on what he had read, expected an arc for the last three episodes of the season. He also mentioned in his last review he got the feeling JH Wyman expected to have a back nine ordered this season due to the pace of everything. But it didn’t happen. How do we feel about that?

For me the show has delivered what I had expected. The most important thing for me is that they delivered good stories where they tried to extrapolate some of the techniques to a feasible future one. Smart houses (even smart-beds), sexbots and Chromes come to mind.But there were also some they were (understandable) unable to do like the music the kids were listening to in 2047. They were using kind off the same music they are listening to now. But if they’d know what the perfect future music would be, they might now be working in a different branch of the entertainment industry.

The second thing that works is the interaction between Kennex and Dorian. Their ‘human’ vs ‘trying to be human’ conversations are great. The fact that John may seem boring to the people in 2047 maybe good for us viewers in 2014. It will make us connect to him better as we understand what he feels. The light humour between both characters gives the series something extra. We’ve got to love the conversations they have in the car. I fondly remember Kennex learning stuff about Dorian’s private parts.

We even have got our own Q! Rudy is to Kennex and Dorian what Q was to James Bond: a geek that is adorable and also is the interface between the human factor and the future/android factor. He is the wizard that takes us from our present day into the future. As we now know that he was a child model, there is some explaining to do.

And let’s not forget Stahl, we’re just getting more focus on her and I do approve of that. The quiet Chrome that is getting to be more interesting every episode. What will she become in the next season? It seems as though they’re not only showing her beauty but also her compassion and mind. And, she seems to have a backstory that might be interesting.

What I specifically like is that this series is not about a group of young, beautiful people that seem to handle themselves as if they have the wisdom of fifty year olds. That’s a treat these days.

There are still so many roads to discover, like what’s on the other side of the wall.

Over the last weeks I’ve read a lot of posts on different sites that are all asking the question f it will be cancelled or renewed. The ratings have not been the best overall, but for Fox they weren’t that bad. If you take DVR ratings in consideration, which you need to do with an sci-fi series, the figures are even a bit better (Wiki page)

What should Almost Human do better in the second season?

The episodes should have aired in order
It is not the first time Fox intentionally rearranged episodes of sci-fi shows. Most notably is Firefly which they also cancelled after 13 episodes. They also did it with Fringe. Unfortunately it messes with the original intentions and gives the viewers a few question marks like with Kennex's traitorous ex-girlfriend and Dorian's memories..

Where are we going: the arc
We still do not have the ambitious story arc that other fantastic sci-fi shows like The X-Files and Fringe have given us. We need ambitious story lines that are packed with scientific and philosophical ideas. Although we have the scientific ideas, we fall short on the philosophical ones. What do these technological inventions mean to us humans, how does it affect us and what decisions do we need to make? Are the issues ethical? Yes they are to Kennex and Dorian, but what if they would happen if they get into the grey area of those questions? What are the questions the future would like to make us think about now?

And last we’ve got an issue that I, as a European viewer, am not really familiar with. We do not have those specific evenings like comedy evenings on a network. Evenings are more balanced over here. But still we’ve got big shows other series have to compete with. Even the fact that Bones is moving back to Monday at 8pm seems to send a signal that Almost Human is done. Moving the series to Friday night might seems to make it worse, but that would mean we get a second season and that’s better than no season at all.

As we all know (us Firefly fans), Fox doesn’t have a great reputation on keeping sci-fi shows on the air. Here are some of the more prominent sci-fi shows that aired on Fox after 2000, three of which were created by prominent directors James Cameron and Joss Whedon.

Reading back what I’ve written, it almost feels like the show is doomed, but I do not believe it is. I do want a second season as I’ve had fun moments with it and I’m still watching the episodes with a lot of pleasure. Although I’m not in the US rating system, I somehow hope it will help.

What do you all think?


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