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FOX (ended 2014)
You’d think Fox would have announced the future of one of the most promising shows by now. Okay, okay, let me rephrase that… I hoped that Fox would have decided positively about the fate of Almost Human by now. I’m checking FaceBook, and the Fox website regularly (almost obsessively, I admit) but so far, no news.

I wonder how much of AH’s future’s already been decided for, and if Fox is willing to listen to viewers who are trying to convince them to keep the show running.
Personally, I’d think it would be a missed opportunity not to continue a show with so much potential. We have been given a look into a future that could be reality one day, not so far away. That leaves me longing for more.

Next to that a number of story lines have been thrown out like fishing lines, and we have all nibbled at the bait. What’s behind the wall? What about Dorian’s memory? What happened exactly during the attack when John lost his partner and his leg? What was Nigel up to, with his army of synthetic souls?

All in all questions that scream for answers. Fans of the show are gathering FB-likes to get Fox to continue. I really do hope that Fox looks beyond the ratings - part of the show was broadcasted in probably the worst period ever for a new show to start: during the Winter Olympics, which isn’t a very fair kind of competition. The fact that the show was broadcasted in the wrong order didn’t get to me as much as it bothered some others, but admittedly it was a lot more logical when I reviewed the entire series in the correct order. The flow of the storyline and the development of the relationship between the main characters made a lot more sense and felt natural.

So I’ll end with yet again a plea. Fox, don’t pull a Firefly on us. Being deprived of a series with a fun theme, beautiful CGI, good characters and lots of room for growth, it is so wrong to end yet another series before its time.

I can hardly wait to read the good news. So Fox, announce the renewal of Almost Human, and... errrr.. a.s.a.p, if you’d be so kind?
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