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FOX (ended 2014)
Well isn't this just a nice howdy-do?! As, what I assume is, a gesture of gratitude toward all the still smarting fans of Almost Human ...FOX has decided to release a retrospective on the doomed Sci-Fi cop drama.

While it is nice to see FOX appreciated how many fans Almost Human gained over it's brief half season, I cannot help but think, "If you thought the show was good enough to release a featurette of all it's best moments, why in Rudy's name would you not see the worth of a second season?"

As much as I loved seeing the boy's back in the car, I still feel like this is just another kick in the fellas after FOX treated the freshman show like rented mule. Almost Human was building a serial mythology, setting in place the foundation for what I am sure would have been a fantastic payoff next season. Not only was production repeatedly interfered with, but episodes were aired out of order for no discernible reason. Unless you want to count purposely screwing up the continuity of character development as a reason.

There has been some speculation that FOX Chairman, Kevin Reilly, actually stepped down due to having the renewal of Almost Human rejected. Regardless, the decision was short-sided and unjust - as ratings were at worst mediocre with a growing and dedicated fan base.

I hope I can watch this again and some point and not feel like the knife is being twisted even further. If you want to take a peek at my review of what was the series finale give a click HERE or if you want to see some of the best car ride moments I threw together at mid season, you can find that HERE.

You guys were wonderfully supportive in my on-the-job training in covering the show and I will truly miss not doing it again next season!

Here is what The Benedict Arnold FOX network prepared for us:

Currently the Almost Human Petition has over 26.000 signitures.

- Edshrinker

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