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FOX (ended 2014)
I had a brief chat with a representative of Fox who assured me they have every intention of broadcasting all 13 episodes of Almost Human. He was also encouraged by this week's ratings and as a "fan of the show" was optimistic for a season 2 renewal as long as ratings hold above a 2.0. Take all this worth a grain of salt since he obviously wants to encourage people to watch something they have paid for. I identified myself as someone who writes for an "entertainment website" (lol - one review!) so I am sure he wants to spin it positively to have me write something encouraging to fans.

I actually wrote earlier that as long it stays above the 2.0 in ratings, it has a strong chance of getting another season. FOX is loving the DVD sales of Fringe and are pleased overall in that investment. I think they will give JH Wyman a chance to bring Almost Human around, even it it's just season by season. We shall see. I'll give you guys ratings reports as they come in. And I have this dudes extension now... I may just burn his phone up! :)

PS - I was asked to look into how many eps this season as that has been hidden really well. I can confirm 13.
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