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FOX (ended 2014)
Looking back at the first season of Almost Human, a few things spring to mind. First: the evolving respects and friendship between a damaged man and an equally damaged robot; the first is part robot, the second is part human. That’s an excellent starting point.

Second and following: the inSyndicate business, the mole inside the department, John’s ex-girlfriend Anna, the Dorian-file, John’s father, to mention a few.

To me, the latter look like bait being thrown into the pond to catch big fish. As if Wyman is preparing us with seemingly random bits and pieces for the next season, in which a larger storyline will come into view. Some parts of that storyline won’t be pursued, others will get more attention. I remember from Lost that the black smoke was a big topic in the first season, including a polar bear, which kinda lost its edge and was only referred to as a mandatory we-need-to-tie-this-loose-end in the final season.

I guess that’s the downside of the startup of a series like this. The creative minds behind it can’t go too far into the future because they don’t know yet whether it will be continued. So they give us, the audience, a variety of elements that all have potential to grow into a real, good, story arc and still be able to live next to the procedural episodes. Like a sieve, the less promising items will be shifted from the good and - given time - the outcome will be satisfying, but will inevitably also leave some questions unanswered or insufficiently explained.

Which brings me basically to my plea: continue the show. It takes time to get into a new place, a new world with new people. Thirteen episodes isn’t all that much to begin with, but if it’s the upbeat for season 2 (and following) I’ll go for it.

The characters: excellent portraits by Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Mackenzie Crook and the rest of the AH team - deserve a much longer run of this show than just one season. Their chemistry and the eagerness to put down real life people with real life ups and downs is too good to let go.

And so do we, the viewers, deserve the follow-up. In a world that is riddled with reality shows, best singer-cook-dancer-skater-whatever, it is a relief to weekly tune into Almost Human.

So yes, I say it with the utmost conviction and as a salute to the actors, Wyman & Co, Fox and us, the viewers and fans:

Of course there will a second season.
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