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FOX (ended 2014)
If you are as disappointed as I am that Fox pulled a "Firefly" and not only aired Almost Human out of order, but then gave up on it despite decent numbers, take less than TWO minutes and sign the petition.


There are over 7,600 already signed on and the petition was only birthed earlier today. With the sorry state of Sci-Fi on television right now, Almost Human had a fantastic cast and the potential for serial storytelling that we desperately need. Don't be a MX. Vote with your heart!

@gzeigler3 also added this plea to all the major networks, SyFy included, to pick up Almost Human. The original petition I linked has been rerouted and consolidated into this one. Since FOX gave up on the show it only makes sense to turn our efforts to other networks.

Incidentally, if it was picked up now, we would probably look at a fall shoot and 2015 Spring or Summer airing. Remember the fall window, Karl Urban will be off to film Star Trek 3 and possibly another Riddick and/or DREDD. If someone decides to favor this show - they better do so quickly.

Here is a nice update from the Petition Organizer, Megan Riffey:

  1. Major break!

    Megan Riffey
    Petition Organizer
    I have updated and changed the network information to reflect multiple major networks. I will be starting contact with them tomorrow by reaching out to their public relations.

    Also...we've been featured in the Huffington Post!

    As of Friday 9am EST, sIgnatures are nearing the 8,000 mark. Only 4,500 more are needed.

- Edshrinker
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