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FOX (ended 2014)
I've really enjoyed the last few episodes of Almost Human. It's definitely rising on my list of favorite shows. As with the last couple episodes Michael Ealy has been phenomenal. It was fun watching Dorian's 'low battery' mood swings. It was interesting to begin to see a little hint at Detective Paul's contempt towards the MX's and growing envy of Dorian and Kennex. I'm still waiting to see more about Detective Stahl.

Favorite Dorian moment: Pretty much any. Slugging Det. Paul for denying him charge priority was a great low moment and the post save briefing rally cry, "You heard Sandra, rollout!!"

Favorite Kennex moment: Kennex reliving his high school glory days, "They used to call me the 'White Cheetah' ... rraawwrr... cheetah, cheetah"

What is your take on the latest episode of Almost Human and the how its developing? Do you still need more or are you sold?
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