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Welcome back Almost Human! You have been sorely missed. A little bit of housekeeping before we dive into Unbound. This was episode 9 on the production order and miracle of miracles, it is the 9th aired. The episodes aired out of order haven't been a HUGE deal unlike they were for Firefly, until the last episode. If you remember, the last episode was #2 in the production order and there were some glaring problems with it being an episode JH Wyman wanted aired early. I won’t go into that – although there was one big continuity error when Kennex refers to the raid on the evidence locker “a couple months ago”. If #2 was aired when it should have – that would have made sense. I will just get this last point out of the way and then we will just enjoy the episode.

Next week we are going to see “Perception” which is #4 in the production order and 10th aired. The last 3 will be Insydicate arc heavy (allegedly) and should finish the season strong and in order. But there were many references this week to “Over There” and “The Wall”. Unless I missed something earlier, this is new information that is discussed like we should know what they are talking about. I will wager a bet – the next episode (remember it would have been aired 5 episodes ago) will give us the insight needed. I could kind of gather the city is walled in and it is a crazy Mad Max type wasteland outside the wall. This sounds a whole like Judge Dredd’s Mega City One …but since we have the new Dredd as Kennex, I will give it a pass. What I do not want to give a pass to is the genius at FOX who apparently is the guru in deciding the best order to air episodes. You give these guys a ton of money to write and produce shows for your network. Trust their vision. FOX did nothing to enhance my enjoyment of the show by placing the best episodes (their opinion – not mine) earlier. In fact – it detracted from it a bit. One more thing. Lose that awful boop beep boop music and terrible narration at the beginning. It is a nitpick, but it's really annoying. Ok. Housecleaning over. Let’s just jump in to Unbound:

I used to LOVE Field Trips as a kid. Anywhere is better than the classroom. But how cool would it be to have Karl Urban and Michael Ealy guiding the tour! Well – maybe just Kennex. Dorian had some lame ideas for fun. Kennex on the other hand?

Unfortunately, Dorian and the kids left on FOX after Almost Human ended…

We move to a sweet young lady buying a flower from a local vendor.

But as she walks away, she has her purse stolen and is brutally shot by what we later find out is a malfunctioning but extremely advanced “Worker Bot”. I’m not sure if this Bot committed the crime at a doughnut shop, but IMMEDIATELY it is surrounded by MXs. Quick note: How smart is it to make a circle around a subject and open fire towards the middle? Do bullets not hurt at all? They had to have plucked each other a few times! Logic based my ass. I digress…make their day.

So the Worker Bot is disabled and hauled away to the evidence locker. What they didn’t know was that it had an alternate power source and technology that is actually next, next, next Gen. This is something new.

But also something old - as it grabs a head stored in evidence, plops his off and gets a makeover.

The Fembot walks right out of the evidence locker and is identified on video by the coppers. Dorian can’t access any information – because it was all scrubbed and covered up long ago.

This was the XRN that malfunctioned and tore a public event apart, causing many casualties. It took 3 days for the cops to bring her down. The XRNs were designed to be soldiers, not cops, and simply too dangerous.

Meanwhile, our friendly XRN finds a lab where she is able to go all Frankenstein on the bots in the building. Again with the score in this show – kill the Terminator music when the XRN shows up. How about you fire the bunch and get Bear McCreary to score this show! Incidentally, I stopped hearing anything when this happened…

John Laroquette walks in and calls her Danika. He must either have been a big NASCAR or Wonder Years fan. She doesn’t kill him – which the first hint something may be amiss.

A call to the police is made and the victim is brought in to headquarters where an unexpected family reunion occurs.

When Rudy realizes who he is, he falls all over himself…

Nigel was the father of the DRNs. When they began to malfunction he was stripped of his contract, his funding, and in the end was bankrupt. Nigel talks about making the XRN when he was in a bad place, but in the end, the same blueprint was used to make the DRNs as was used to make the XRN.

Nigel has some obvious resentment issues. He even has a throwaway line about how he had a whole batch of DRNs ready to roll when he was fired. Rudy comes to his defense. He is not a fan of the MXs at all.

Danika has found herself a ride at a poor taxi driver’s expense. Silly Fembot. Forgot to turn the “In Service” light off. A mother and daughter jump in. Maybe not a good move.

AH! We find out a XRNs weakness! Vanity!

After checking her makeup, Danika makes her way into a Tech company and wastes a bunch of lab rats to acquire ZRNs – tippy tippy top of the line processors that are the future of synthetic technology. So it stands to reason she is stealing tech – but why?

Back in the CopLair, Rudy and Nigel put together some tech from Danika’s energy signature and they hope to be able to track her. Rudy plugs in his stick and, um…


From that same energy signature, Nigel creates a weapon of sorts.

The tracker begins to work – but Danika is heading to a part of town that is predominantly bars and restaurants. She arrives and spots her target. She is not out for Tech - she is out for an assassination.

Kennex and company arrive at the scene after shooting has already begun. He tells the MXs to provide a “distraction” which is Kennex code for “Go be a bullet catcher”. I don’t need many words for a while. This was one of the best little action scenes I have seen in a while. I’ll let the pics tell the story…

The weapon didn’t work and Nigel done disappeared.

Nice! I really enjoyed that exchange. Kennex using that synthetic leg to basically punt Danika 30 yards out the door was too cool.

Dorian makes a cute comment about his feelings towards things synthetic...

Quite clear John was talking much more about Dorian than he was about the leg.

We are back at the Justice League. A very little used Stahl finds some video where Danika’s target, James Hart, was the politician who ended Nigel’s program and hired his competition to build the MXs for the police. The motive was simple revenge. At the same time, Rudy discovers that all of his Synthetic Soul processors are missing. It becomes clear Nigel was behind all of this all along.

Dorian is not fairing very well, being betrayed by his maker.

Dorian is supremely worried, because Nigel said they were built the same, that he could go off the rails as badly as Danika did. And it disturbs him deeply.

Over the length of the episode you have heard the aforementioned “Wall”. And now the team believes that Nigel isn’t going to just disappear. He now may have what he needs to build an army of synthetics. He has the box of Synthetic Souls AND the advanced processors. All he needs is a lab.

But where could he do that and get off the grid? Over the wall. And it sounds like a scary place.

And that is EXACTLY where Nigel went.

Been a pleasure gang! Glad our show is back. Check in next Tuesday for the photo recap of Perception. Until then…


***As of Tuesday, Almost Human rated a 1.9 in the target demo, 6th place behind 4 CBS sitcoms and ABC's Castle. This was down .3 from that last episode, but layoffs will do that. Not terrible, but the hope is to stay North of 2.0 to guarantee renewal.

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