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FOX (ended 2014)
Yup, I know, I should get off my high horse and get down on my feet - it’s over. Almost Human is no more. Done. Over. Cancelled. Sayonara.

Back to the French-fries-generation with their flawless complexions, ever good hair, remarkable life experience even though they’re too young to have any… Adieu to the aging guy with the gruff demeanor, the confused mind of a casualty of war and the yearning heart for a soul mate. Goodbye to the man made of wires and chips who was like a 21st century Pinocchio and wanted to be a real boy.

The Almost Human Effect is a fact. Out with one of the best and promising SF-shows in a long time. What’s left for us? Nothing. We have been given a glimpse onto a fantastic meal that was set for us on a fine table - only to be given some bread crumbs and have the door slammed shut in our face.

What now? If Fox has any decency and respect for their viewers, they should wrap it up in a decent way. Make a TV movie to explain the many unanswered aspects of the show and to pay a real tribute to the actors, writers and all those involved. Like Firefly and (another of my favorites) Farscape, a TV movie was made to wrap it up. At least that gave us some kind of closure.

I am so disappointed. Back to the drawing board. Find myself a new interest. Won’t be easy after AH.

Shows that have been wrapped up nicely are fine by me. As long as there IS a decent ending. Don’t get me wrong: shows don’t need to live for ever. I have been an X-Phile from day 1, but that could have been a season or two less. Like Supernatural, it got dragged out too long. However, this is the complete opposite. This is death on the spot even before it’s been given a chance to mature. Homicide. What is that in AH terms? Almost Humocide?

Yeah, that’ll be the new term. Make a great show, promise good stuff, then kill it.

Almost Humocide.

I rest my case.
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