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To whom this may concern:

I have been writing photo recaps for an extremely popular entertainment site ( I tinkered around with doing a rewatch of Farscape, and pitched in on my beloved Sleepy Hollow (with equally huge response). I also introduced what I think of as the adjective of the week (more or less) under the General TV Section (MOST Romantic, Scariest, Funniest, WTF/FTW, Emmy-Worthy, etc) those discussions have exploded.

I am not looking for work. I say this to establish that I have readers on this site despite my volunteer status. The group has to go looking for my stuff since they aren’t always on the front page.

I have had the responsibility and the pleasure of carrying Almost Human as most of the staff had left it for dead. I jumped in feet first to run the Almost Human Community Page so that we had the timely reviews/recaps this show deserved. Staff would add a random review in here or there and I was thrilled to see ANY coverage. But I would ask TPtB to look at the reviews and the AMAZING comments that come after. FOX - you have a rabid fan base! FRINGE LEFT A GAPING HOLE IN US! Sleepy Hollow did a lot to bring me out of my depression. Despite my very vocal skeptical impression of the story set-up, you (Orci & Kurtzman & Co.) have created a masterpiece with that show.

So, on to Almost Human. I did many Photo Recaps for, and you can look at the most recent of them under my posts: Almost Human: "Straw Man" (PHOTO RECAP). You can see many of my other articles, including a video that took forever to compile (I didn't have episodes 10-13 yet, so I will be improving it) Almost Human: Two Cops and a Car And if interested - I believe I did a bang up job for the Sleepy Hollow Finale and extras as well. Case in point: The Culture Shock of Ichabod Crane

But to the point. I think you see the interest and devotion in Almost Human as you read the comments of the fans. FRINGE had a 20 episode 1st season to bring along the relationships and bring us up to the point William Bell brings her "over there" - FRINGE'S GAME CHANGER. Almost has had 13 (OUT OF ORDER) episodes and cannot find it's footing despite a stellar cast and interesting stories. And those magical "story arcs" are now all set up so the exposition is OVER. Ep13 felt like the MID-SEASON finale. It said to me, "Ok, NOW we are a team! Let's go to work!)

I wrote a story with some inside knowledge but also with some solid numbers from SpoilerTV. You already know these numbers - but scan to the comments where fans of ALMOST HUMAN show their love for the show and the fear we won't see the story end properly.

My final point may fall on deaf ears, but here it goes. When you trust a man like J.H.Wyman to create a sci-fi show according to his vision --DO NOT let some self-proclaimed genius at FOX think they are making any improvements moving shows around. Fans are patient. Stand alones drive us NUTS (despite network opinion, apparently). But if they are inserted organically into the overall story they can be fun. Some wunderkind sitting back trying to get the best eps out first is just idiotic. And he/she is usually wrong, Some of the ones pushed back were some of the best episodes of the season. As I have now watched them in order - the whole flow of the relationships felt more organic and real. That was a huge mistake. The other problem I saw - and it is my conjecture - is that Joel was promised a back-9 order. His 1st 13 episodes were plotted out perfectly (if watched in the correct order) to lead to "Straw Man" being the mid-season finale. It is just too obvious. Mr Wyman creates amazing story arcs, but you have to give the time frame for the stories to develop. The last 9 of season 1 would have covered Dorian's memories (and the promised emotional breakdown), answers about Anna, The world building for behind the Wall, Nigel and his fleet of DRNs and synthetic souls...need I go on. NONE of these was mentioned again, let alone resolved. The Edward Kennex thing just felt like a throw away in case John needed one victory before cancellation. What I am saying is, be upfront with Mr. Wyman so his vision has a chance to come together.

And be FAIR to us - the many fans that want another season. Preferably a FULL season - but we'll take what we can get.

I hope whomever the reasonable person was who read my letter checks into the work I have done on and sees the dedicated fan base over here - and elsewhere. That they take these suggestions to heart. And mostly - thy give a show that is vastly more deserving than The Following a chance to explore all they set up in this amazing first season.


Eddy Hansen

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