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FOX (ended 2014)

Gee, do you think Fox really wants its upcoming sci-fi drama Almost Human to be a hit? I'm pretty sure the show's title and premiere date (November 17) is printed on the baseballs being used in the World Series, because Fox can't promote the show enough during its broadcasts. 

Enough of the limited-info commercials though, what's the show REALLY like? Well, for all of you out there with access to online-streaming site Hulu (read: sorry, non-U.S. residents!), you can now watch the first almost-eight minutes of the pilot online. The extended clip will introduce you to John Kennex (Karl Urban) as he returns to duty as a flesh-and-blood future cop who doesn't take kindly to being teamed up with a standard-issue robot cop partner. Ready, set... WATCH!


– How about that sweet-looking future created by showrunner J.H. Wyman (Fringe) and producer J.J. Abrams?

– Will John Kennex ever NOT be grumpy?

– Would you go speeding down the freeway in a glorified tire? 

– Does the name J.J. Abrams still mean anything to you?

– Will you marry me, Minka Kelly?

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AIRED ON 3/3/2014

Season 1 : Episode 13

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