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FOX (ended 2014)
In this weeks review of Almost Human episode "50 Shades of Purple", Cory Barker said: "I hope Fox gives Almost Human a chance to find its footing". I completely agree with him. As a European, I know nothing about the American rating system, probably I should read up on it because the numbers make no sense to me. But next to the ratings having dropped a bit, I do expect Almost Human to see pretty huge DVR gain, as Sci-fi shows typically do.

When I did my research for Synrynx2 and my articles on Philip K. Dick (A Mastermind, But Underrated for Television? and Dreams of the Future), I ran into the few sci-fi television series where humans cops were assisted by humanoid cops. Two thing were very obvious, there have been only a few over the last decades and none of them got a second season. Just to be sure, I'm talking about series where humans play the roles and not animated series.

Next week we'll have the four-episode test for Almost Human, but for me it is already certain I will continue to watch. I'm also pretty sure will give it's approval. But will Almost Human make it into a second season? History doesn't favour it.

These are the only ones I know of:
Holmes & Yoyo is an American comedy television series that aired on ABC for 13 episodes in 1976. Richard B. Shull was detective Alexander Holmes, an accident prone, police officer who always managed to send every partner he ever had to the hospital. The police department then decided to try out a new robotic police officer in the guise of detective Gregory "Yoyo" Yonovich as Holme's partner. During one of their first calls, Yoyo is shot and Holmes discovers that his new partner is an android, a sophisticated new crime-fighting machine designed by the police department as their secret weapon on crime. One of the running gags on the show was having Officer Maxine Moon as played by Andrea Howard, making passes at Yoyo with very little success.

Mann & Machine is an American cop series that aired on NBC for nine episodes in 1992. Yancy Butler was sergeant Eve Edison, a beautiful police officer who is also a sophisticated gynoid robot capable of learning and emotion. It takes place in a Los Angeles of the near future of 1992, probably around the beginning of the 21st century. While solving a variety of crimes, the two detectives learn from each other. Of course the ongoing (sub)plot of the series focused on Eve's continuing education about what makes humans tick, and her ever-growing capacity for emotion. The series was pulled from NBC's schedule after only four episodes. The remaining five were aired as summertime filler.

Future Cop is an American series that aired on ABC for eight episodes over the period of 1976 tom 1978. The pilot was shown in 1976, six episodes in 1977 and a kind off re-pilot in 1978. Regrettably that didn't work out. It had Ernest Borgnine as a veteran street cop who gets an experimental android, played by Michael Shannon, for his new partner. Despite the show's high concept, the leads normally battled ordinary criminals like drug dealers and mobsters rather than super-villains.

I know there are many series where a humanoid robot might turn up as a help, Like Hymie in Get Smart or deputy Andy in Eureka, but they do not really team up for the whole series as in Almost Human.

Is Almost Human better?

I think it is. The show gave as enough to keep watching like the small humorous moments, the camaraderie between Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, a world that looks a bit dystopian and they have crimes (ok, not in the last episode) that are futuristic. The new tech seems understandable from our point of view and I find that an advantage. The special effects are top-notch and off course we've got Minka Kelly.

And, before we all think that Fox and Sci-fi is not a great combination, this is not Firefly and Fox might have learned a bit over the last ten years. But yes, in my opinion we can still be mad at Fox for canceling Firefly.

So yes, I think Almost Human will make it into a second season. What do you think?
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