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Feb 26, 2014
Almost Human: Do We Get a Second Season?
In November I wrote a post called: Will Almost Human Break the Jinx? In this post I expressed my feeling that history didn’t favour Almost Human as every sci-fi series where humans cops were assisted by humanoid (robot) cops had been cancelled after the first season.

Two days ago, we had the penultimate episode with a pretty good story. It seemed to be mostly procedural and we’re left with the feeling that there is an arc out there somewhere. We just didn’t get enough information about it. Our weekly reviewer @edshrinker, based on what he had read, expected an arc for the last three episodes of the season. He also mentioned in his last review he got the feeling JH Wyman expected to have a back nine ordered this season due to the pace of everything. But it didn’t happen. How do we feel about that ...Read more
Feb 16, 2014
Almost Human Episode Order
It's there a list of what order the episodes were supposed to be shown in available? I'm thinking it might be interesting to watch them in the right order to get the flow of the character development - though I'm enjoying the show quite a bit as it is.
Jan 09, 2014
Almost Human "Simon Says": Low Batteries Have Never Been So Hilarious...
I've really enjoyed the last few episodes of Almost Human. It's definitely rising on my list of favorite shows. As with the last couple episodes Michael Ealy has been phenomenal. It was fun watching Dorian's 'low battery' mood swings. It was interesting to begin to see a little hint at Detective Paul's contempt towards the MX's and growing envy of Dorian and Kennex. I'm still waiting to see more about Detective Stahl.

Favorite Dorian moment: Pretty much any. Slugging Det. Paul for denying him charge priority was a great low moment and the post save briefing rally cry, "You heard Sandra, rollout!!"

Favorite Kennex moment: Kennex reliving his high school glory days, "They used to call me the 'White Cheetah' ... rraawwrr... cheetah, cheetah"

What is your take on the latest episode of Almost Human and the how its developing? Do you still need more ...Read more
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Nov 16, 2013
So, can we fix the air date for this? There are currently 3 different ones on this page...
So, I just wanted to point out that this page has 3 separate air dates for this show. The countdown clock (currently, on Friday at 11pm mtn time) says the show airs in 21 hours (~9pm mtn, saturday), the banner says it airs on Monday at 8pm (the 18th), and the show info says the show airs on Nov. 17 (sunday). So....which is it?
Nov 04, 2013
Has FOX Been Advertising the New Air Date Enough?
I was wondering if everyone has been seeing new ads on TV or radio for the show's new air date? I just hope they are getting the word out so the ratings are good for the first few weeks. It would be a shame to waste the idea because of failure to correctly use advertisements.
Nov 03, 2013
Hopefully Fox doesn't mess this one up like they did with other great shows! IE Firefly, Brisco County Jr, Family Guy, Et Cetera, Et Cetera, Et Cetera.
Fox seems to get many great shows with potential but they have people make decisions about things who have no business making certain decisions. This show has a great future if they just let the people who make the show get the story out the correct way and not to only fulfill this weeks ratings. These types of stories need time to blossom and once they do there is no limit to their success. If the execs just let these types of shows play out, in the end they will have their ratings and also many many Blu-Ray sales to boot and also a few movies if they really want to milk it. My question is do you think the execs and Showrunners can play well together on this show and get it to the heights it is capable of achieving? DO THE RIGHT THING FOX! Please? Oh please Do ...Read more
Nov 02, 2013
Real Humans - Forthcoming Adaptation?
On topic. Androids on TV

I just read that Kudos Film and Television is working on an adaptation of Swedish sci-fi series.
Real Humans (Äkta Människor) created by SVT/Matador Film AB (2012).
The series got prize as best TV-series at Prix Italia 2013.
It will be awesome! That is ...Read more
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The year is 2048, and the streets are as mean as ever. Fortunately, the police have a new tool in their arsenal- Synthetics, robots who are tasked with assuring the safety of the humans who created them. But not everyone is pleased with the changes. Detective John Kennex, who has been wounded in action, returns to the force and learns that his new partner is a Synthetic named Dorian. Dorian's programming is very different than that of the normal Synthetic, with a capability to experience emotions making him seem almost human, but John still mistrusts the machine at his side. Can they work together as a team?