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unsolicited advice
Nov 11, 2014
4 Reasons Fox Is Having a Disastrous Fall (and 3 Possible Fixes)
The network's issues don't start and end with this fall's bombs.
condolences from fox
Jun 07, 2014
Almost Human: FOX Kicks Us While We're Down (VIDEO)
FOX has released a retrospective video of the now cancelled Almost Human.
May 01, 2014
Almost Human Petition Begun
Give great sci-fi 5 minutes and work with us to bring back Almost Human!
Apr 30, 2014
Almost Humocide
Yup, I know, I should get off my high horse and get down on my feet - it’s over. Almost Human is no more. Done. Over. Cancelled. Sayonara.

Back to the French-fries-generation with their flawless complexions, ever good hair, remarkable life experience even though they’re too young to have any… Adieu to the aging guy with the gruff demeanor, the confused mind of a casualty of war and the yearning heart for a soul mate. Goodbye to the man made of wires and chips who was like a 21st century Pinocchio and wanted to be a real boy.

The Almost Human Effect is a fact. Out with one of the best and promising SF-shows in a long time. What’s left for us? Nothing. We have been given a glimpse onto a fantastic meal that was set for us on a fine table - only to be given some bread ...Read more
bye bye, bots
Apr 30, 2014
Fox Scraps Almost Human (It's Canceled)
J.J. Abrams' robocops are being decommissioned for good.
pop or lock?
Apr 17, 2014
The 12 Biggest Bubble Shows of 2014: Will They Be Renewed or Canceled? (UPDATED)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Community, The Mentalist, and more are on the chopping block.
Mar 21, 2014
Almost Human: Don't Pull a Firefly on Us
You’d think Fox would have announced the future of one of the most promising shows by now. Okay, okay, let me rephrase that… I hoped that Fox would have decided positively about the fate of Almost Human by now. I’m checking FaceBook, and the Fox website regularly (almost obsessively, I admit) but so far, no news.

I wonder how much of AH’s future’s already been decided for, and if Fox is willing to listen to viewers who are trying to convince them to keep the show running.
Personally, I’d think it would be a missed opportunity not to continue a show with so much potential. We have been given a look into a future that could be reality one day, not so far away. That leaves me longing for more.

Next to that a number of story lines have been thrown out like ...Read more
OPen letter
Mar 09, 2014
An Open Letter Written to a Muckity Muck at FOX
An open letter written to FOX from a fan who feels a fan's voice is seldom heard.
Mar 04, 2014
Almost Human: Of Course There Will Be a Second Season
It takes time to get used to a new series. It didn't for me - I was hooked from the start.
performance review
Mar 04, 2014
Almost Human Season Finale Review: A New Leg to Stand On
In its Season 1 finale, Almost Human answered a few questions, but probably not the ones you wanted it to.
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The year is 2048, and the streets are as mean as ever. Fortunately, the police have a new tool in their arsenal- Synthetics, robots who are tasked with assuring the safety of the humans who created them. But not everyone is pleased with the changes. Detective John Kennex, who has been wounded in action, returns to the force and learns that his new partner is a Synthetic named Dorian. Dorian's programming is very different than that of the normal Synthetic, with a capability to experience emotions making him seem almost human, but John still mistrusts the machine at his side. Can they work together as a team?