Almost Human

Season 1 Episode 7

Simon Says

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2014 on FOX

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  • low power

    Another malfunction that can hit Dorian. This time he gets emotional if he is low on power. The emotional Dorian was hilarious, but the reason for the low power was really not believable. There was to be not enough power to charge Dorian, but you could actually see no sign of it. Everything in the police station was lit and powered up and the city also showed no signs of any power problems. And which police captain would let an officer in the field who is not 100% and has the kind of problems Dorian has with low power? It is just not safe. And shouldn't public services like hospitals and the police have priority for power in these circumstances?

    Also it was quite clear that Kennex wouldn't be blown up, as the is one of the leads and we are still at the beginning of series one.

    I really love nitpicking at this series, as in every episode they write things in there which are just a bit illogical.
  • I LOVE this show!

    I'm running out of good things to say about this show! Another brilliantly funny episode where Dorien acts straggly after he runs low on charge.
  • Loses steam quickly

    It was a show that borrowed so heavily from Bladerunner, that I was ready to forgive them some minor discrepancies and holes. But it started to become boringly artificial and poorly written. And that poor little thing Minka Kelly - I agree she is gorgeous, but God, she cannot even force herself to look when Kenex was about to explode she had that dumb half smile on her face. You can be the most beautiful person in the world, and still possess 0 talent.
  • Dorian charging

    While watching did not know it is still need to be charge. It is a old model version of borg in Startrek. It should be nuclear powered that will take 25 years. But some how we as a human had a low batt. attitude to commit mistake.
  • Revenge Is Sweet!

    I mean, Gaeta was a traitor after all, he deserved to have his head blown off. Win!
  • Simon says what?

    Another good episode. not the best Sci-Fi series, but solid and I will keep on watching this!

    Dorian getting emotionally unstable when his power is low is a new and funny way to depict a future problem, but rather unrealistic. Nevertheless I enjoyed this episode.

    The bad guy here, "Simon", would be a perfect way for persons to spend their future, longing for attention and willing to kill, just to get viewers.
  • John "Bones" Kennex: Torpedo/Bomb Surgeon

    Sorry - but it popped into my head immediately when he started cutting wires. He did once perform an emergency C-Section on a pregnant Gorn. Those suckers bite! I digress... I love a power deficient Dorian. Ealy acting nutty is wonderful and I hope to see more of his "humanity" peeking through. Glitchy is his charm.

    So - no one wants to do a talkback or a review of this ep on - I love this site but I am massively saddened to see the dren they write about and leave AH off the radar. This ep might be the best thus far. But you know what, I am the White Cheetah, I move lightening quick, and I will survive this.