Almost Human

Season 1 Episode 8

You Are Here

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 2014 on FOX

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  • malfunction of the week

    It seems that in every episode they have to show what kind of malfunctions Dorian can develop if he gets damaged in a way. This time he got shot and the effect of this was that he only could speak Korean for a while. It seems to me that they use Dorian mostly as a bullet shield. I can't count the times he got shot.

    The story was a bit humdrum. A bullet which is targeted at a specific person and follows this person until it hits. I think this kind of weapon has been done a few times in other shows ( I remember one which recognized the DNA of a person ).

    The best thing is still the relationship between the two lead, very warm and funny. And the scene where Kennex shot the MX was great. The actor is really so charismatic that he can pull this off without coming over as a disturbed angry man, but as someone we are routing for.

    I also missed a scene showing Dorian his new home with his new roommate.
  • great episode!

    loved chemestry between John and Valerie! the chew was the best!!! :D I wanna know what he wrote her in the letter! also love when John shot the MX!
  • Another awesome episode

    absolutely hilarious start when Kennex shot the MX.
  • You Are Here (PHOTO RECAP)

    Been fighting with all day. Pics won't post, so I created a damn blog! You can find it here:

    I'll post the link after every new ep if can't figure out what's up.