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  • Almost Live was one of the best local shows ever produced.

    Created by Seattle's NBC affiliate, KING 5, Almost Live began as a talk and comedy show (ala Late Night with David Letterman) but quickly evolved into a pure comedy sketch show when the original host, Ross Schafer, went off to bigger and better things.

    The remaining cast was comprised of some of the best talent in the Pacific Northwest and included, among others, John Keister, Tracey Conway, Nancy and Joe Guppy, Bob Nelson and popular radio host Pat Cashman. It was also the starting place for real life Seattle science teacher Bill Nye (The science guy) who eventually went on to host a national children's program that can still be seen on the Disney Channel and also regularly featured members from several of Seattle's most popular heavy metal and grunge bands who presented each week's "Lame List."

    This truly was a Seattle based show and every episode poked fun at some aspect of life in the Western Washington area. Eventually, the show stopped production, allegedly because of high production costs, but it can still be seen in reruns and in special presentations that get made once in a blue moon. It is a shame this show ended. I know that almost everyone who was a regular viewer still laments its loss.
  • This show is awesome!

    Almost Live was Seattle's verson of SNL. My favorite skits were the Mind your Manners with Billy Kwan. My favorite actor was Joel McHale because even though he was a supporting charecter he was still hilarious. My second favorite was Pat Cashman because he was Narrator of practically everything. One of the best skits was sluggy. Pat Cashman always used sluggy as hairgell or chap stick. Almost live would have some of Bill Nye's experiments. My favorite Billy Kwan is when he is golfing then that guy burps making him mess up so Billy goes flying and crotches himself with the flag pole.
    Almost Live please come back
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