Almost Naked Animals

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Almost Naked Animals

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This Canadian animated television series deals with poorly dressed furry animals set to take care of a cabana called Banana Cabana.

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AIRED ON 6/19/2013

Season 3 : Episode 12

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  • Disgusting name, disgusting show.

    Thank freaking lord that this show is no longer being aired on Cartoon Network, because this show was just painful to watch. The animation is terrible and feels like it was done in a pirated version of Adobe Flash. The characters look ugly and feel like a bunch of shapes went into the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and got covered in nuclear waste.

    RULE OF THUMB: If ANY programming on TV is made with a low-budget computer program like Flash, yep, it is going to suck.

    The theme song was just annoying and uncreative, it sounds like a 3 year old with tonsillitis screaming, "NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! ALMUSHT NYAKEKD ANYMEELS!!!" Yes, spelling errors were intentional. Mixed with its nasty sounding instrumentals, it will get grating so fast that your brain will implode.

    The plots are like I said in the review title, are boring. They are almost as boring as the plots from Rabbids Invasion and The Garfield Show combined. Trust me, I once fell asleep from this show.

    The voice acting is as obnoxious as that of Breadwinners or Johnny Test. The characters' voices are annoying and shrill and are constantly screaming and yelling throughout the entirety of this pile of garbage.

    I also realized, oh goody, another freaking Canadian import. If you're going to import shows from Canada, at least do reruns of Ed, Edd, N Eddy.

  • Terrible, Terrible, TERRIBLE

    I hate this show so much. This is hands down one of the worst cartoons ever made along with Annoying Orange and the Amazing World of Gumball. First off, the animation SUCKS. The characters look ***ed and the show just no. I really want to know what the heck the creators were thinking when they made this show.
  • Sounds like CN porn, enough of a reason to hate.

    I don't see why CN thought kids would like this shitfest. It's terrabad to the point where I got cancer from hearing the theme song. Animals are naked to begin with, why not just name the show "Howie's Hotel Hijinks"? >_>
  • The Name Itself Kept Me Away

    I do my best to watch a series or movie before I review it. This is however an exception. I have seen animation of it and that and the name itself was enough to keep me away. Who watches a show about shaved animals in their underwear? You'd have to be a sick pervert. Even worse, why did anyone think this would be good for kids to watch?
  • Another Canadian bullcrap pile.

    This show is nothing personally but pure shit in my opinion. I've seen it six times and I've never laughed or found it funny in any way. The shows premise is basically about a group of animals in their underwear that work at a resort called "Bannana Cabana" (what kind of name is that anyway?) where they take of their clothes. The idea is original, and it sounds like a great concept on paper, but on tv it gets terribly excuted and you'll change the channel when you see how terribly excuted this show gets on tv. The characters have shaved fur which makes their designs look disgusting and hideous. Both men and women are seen in their underwear and that's basically the only thing you'll see them wear. It's nothing sexual, it's just cartoon silliness. The jokes are mainly just booger, ear wax and underwear jokes. Maybe to little kids its funny, but older people like us find it to be immature and childish. I don't mind a bit of crude humor, but this show goes overboard with it. The intro has to be one of the most annoying theme songs I've ever heard in a series as well as the voice acting. I'm sorry, but this show gets an F for me.

    Here are the results:

    Concept C-, 4/10: The concept sounds great on paper, but on TV it gets horribly excited.

    Graphics D. 3/10: They are way too bright!

    Characters F-, 1/10: Each character sounds annoying and looks hideous and disgusting. The names are also just the type of animal they are!

    Overall stay away from this god awful pile of crap and go watch better shows than this one. Rating: 1.0/10moreless

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