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  • Almost Naked Animals?

    No! More like Almost Dead Animals! This show is a piece of dog shit. It involves Howie and his friends going on failure adventures at the "Banana Cabana". No one really gives a fuck about the other characters, no one. The animation is terrible, the theme song is annoying and the characters are drug addicts. Thank god this shit got cancelled in 2013, thank for fuck sakes fucking god. Do you know who else likes this show? Lumpy from Happy Tree Friends, he wishes he was an Almost Naked Animals character but he can't because he belongs to Mondo Media, not from 9 Story Entertainment. Do you know who else hates this show? Levi Wells, he thinks this show is very disgusting. So screw Almost Naked Animals, and screw Rocket Monkeys. Rocket Power is way better than Almost Naked Animals. End of rant.
  • OMG I rather watch WWE than this crap

    Who ever likes this must really not know what an awesome show is like

    Plot is horrible,Characters are stupid and animation SUCKS the one thing that I did like was just the theme song that's all

    Overall 1.0/10
  • Disgusting name, disgusting show.

    Thank freaking lord that this show is no longer being aired on Cartoon Network, because this show was just painful to watch. The animation is terrible and feels like it was done in a pirated version of Adobe Flash. The characters look ugly and feel like a bunch of shapes went into the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and got covered in nuclear waste.

    RULE OF THUMB: If ANY programming on TV is made with a low-budget computer program like Flash, yep, it is going to suck.

    The theme song was just annoying and uncreative, it sounds like a 3 year old with tonsillitis screaming, "NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! ALMUSHT NYAKEKD ANYMEELS!!!" Yes, spelling errors were intentional. Mixed with its nasty sounding instrumentals, it will get grating so fast that your brain will implode.

    The plots are like I said in the review title, are boring. They are almost as boring as the plots from Rabbids Invasion and The Garfield Show combined. Trust me, I once fell asleep from this show.

    The voice acting is as obnoxious as that of Breadwinners or Johnny Test. The characters' voices are annoying and shrill and are constantly screaming and yelling throughout the entirety of this pile of garbage.

    I also realized, oh goody, another freaking Canadian import. If you're going to import shows from Canada, at least do reruns of Ed, Edd, N Eddy.

  • Terrible, Terrible, TERRIBLE

    I hate this show so much. This is hands down one of the worst cartoons ever made along with Annoying Orange and the Amazing World of Gumball. First off, the animation SUCKS. The characters look ***ed and the show just no. I really want to know what the heck the creators were thinking when they made this show.
  • Sounds like CN porn, enough of a reason to hate.

    I don't see why CN thought kids would like this shitfest. It's terrabad to the point where I got cancer from hearing the theme song. Animals are naked to begin with, why not just name the show "Howie's Hotel Hijinks"? >_>
  • The Name Itself Kept Me Away

    I do my best to watch a series or movie before I review it. This is however an exception. I have seen animation of it and that and the name itself was enough to keep me away. Who watches a show about shaved animals in their underwear? You'd have to be a sick pervert. Even worse, why did anyone think this would be good for kids to watch?
  • Another Canadian bullcrap pile.

    This show is nothing personally but pure shit in my opinion. I've seen it six times and I've never laughed or found it funny in any way. The shows premise is basically about a group of animals in their underwear that work at a resort called "Bannana Cabana" (what kind of name is that anyway?) where they take of their clothes. The idea is original, and it sounds like a great concept on paper, but on tv it gets terribly excuted and you'll change the channel when you see how terribly excuted this show gets on tv. The characters have shaved fur which makes their designs look disgusting and hideous. Both men and women are seen in their underwear and that's basically the only thing you'll see them wear. It's nothing sexual, it's just cartoon silliness. The jokes are mainly just booger, ear wax and underwear jokes. Maybe to little kids its funny, but older people like us find it to be immature and childish. I don't mind a bit of crude humor, but this show goes overboard with it. The intro has to be one of the most annoying theme songs I've ever heard in a series as well as the voice acting. I'm sorry, but this show gets an F for me.

    Here are the results:

    Concept C-, 4/10: The concept sounds great on paper, but on TV it gets horribly excited.

    Graphics D. 3/10: They are way too bright!

    Characters F-, 1/10: Each character sounds annoying and looks hideous and disgusting. The names are also just the type of animal they are!

    Overall stay away from this god awful pile of crap and go watch better shows than this one. Rating: 1.0/10

    Why in the HELL would CN dump this toxic trash on Boomerang? Boomerang is SUPPOSE to be for OUR generation, you know US 90's KIDS! That is what I pay extra on my DirecTV bill for Boomerang to see MY kind of shows. This show has THE WORST animation I have ever seen, and it is a VERY SICK show. Please, I beg of you Boomerang, PULL THIS SHOW ALREADY! Bring back Boomeroyalty, or Help! It's the Hear Bear Bunch, ANYTHING but this trash!

    UPDATE 11/23/13! checked program guide, it looks like Almost Naked Animals is HISTORY from Boomerang AND CN! (Talk about surprised). Thank you Boomerang, you saved yourself from a near-loss of a subscriber. Now dump Hero 108, and Ben 10 then i'll be happy again.
  • Dear Canadians, you're SICK!!!!!!

    Canadians, if you're going to make a show for us, ACTUALY PUT SOME EFFORT INTO MAKING IT! This show, along with johhny test, are the worst things that canadians have given us. The guys who made this must be total perverts. I mean, the show is about animals in their underwear staying at a hotel. I mean, it's an original idea but ........... why, just WHY? Even if you get past the horrible disgusting perverted character designs, the show is really not all that funny. The only character who can be funny sometimes is duck. But other than that, the characters are really annoying and make annoying and cheesy jokes all the time. Don't watch this. Watch cow and chicken instead. At least that show has some good humour.
  • Warped Sexual Adult Themes


    This show has an insidous sexual undertone. The dialogue is seemingly innocent to children but the writers are expressing real sexual and saddistic fantasies through cartoon characters, possibly even peadophiles enjoying polluting young innocent minds. Just watch it as a saddo-masichist and you will see it is very pornographic. " ooh my horn is all should see a need to ram that horn.... " Then there is an episode where there is a party going on and they have a character tied up in the basement where the animals take turns coming down and getting trapped - seemingly innocent but the subtle dialogue and visuals says otherwise. Really listen to the dialogue- this show is an R rated and what sort of society allows children to be subjected to such insidious brainwashing masquerading as an innocent cartoon
  • So much better than CatDog

    This show should air on Cartoon Planet instead of "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", because this is a classic. Gym Partner is not. This show is also like that polar opposite of CatDog beacause that show give kids bad messages, violent behavior and lowers kid IQ. This dose the exact oppisite of CatDog.
  • worst show ever

    this show sucks who would ever watch it. why dose people like it i would like to know
  • best show ever

    why do people hate this so much. It is a good show that doesn't suck or anything. I personally love this show. I have been a fan since it was released. there is nothing bad about this show
  • Meh, it's ok.

    I didn't really love it. It's ok though. Episodes range from good to poor to bad to horrible to atrocious. Particularly it's the second one,.
  • This sucks!

    I never saw a show that's so stupid , so gross , and so grotesque , this made me crap my eyes out.
  • Wow, this actually pretty disappointing.

    I couldn't believe that the same network that put out such great shows like Ed Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and others would even CONSIDER letting something this dull and visually annoying on their channel. The design of the characters and overall story and concept is very poor. It looks like they just aired this show for, well, the sake of airing it. It does not teach any sort of life lesson, like CN's better shows had. It doesn't look as if much thought or effort went into this show at all. In fact, the whole show just seems pretty pointless. I am very curious as to Cartoon Network's personal opinions about this one. Did you guys really think this was a good idea ? And honestly, the characters look really frightening. ~Lutari
  • Are You Kidding Me Cartoon Network?

    I found out about this show from this website, and I couldn't believe this was a legitimate show. After watching an episode and other bits of it I have to say: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CARTOON NETWORK!? This show's "comedy" is gross potty humour which aparently Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon haven't figured out isn't funny at all. The characters are in their underwear, they look disgusting and the male characters have nipples drawn on their chest. WHO THE HECK THOUGHT THAT WAS A GREAT IDEA?! The plots are completely stupid, and the voice acting is mediocre at best. If you're a parent reading this, keep your kids as far away from this show as humanely possible. Infact If you see this on TV, turn it on to Spongebob, or just make your kid go outside and play, or anything that keeps them away from this abomination.

  • Wow, and I thought Fanboy and Chum Chum was the worst cartoon ever

    When Fanboy and Chum Chum first aired on Nick back in 2009, I said it was the worst cartoon ever, but this show makes Fanboy and Chum Chum likable. I really hate the animation, it looks like it was done by a 5 year old. and the plot is bad, I mean, who finds a show about animals half naked on an island running a hotel entertaining? that's quite... disturbing. At least Fanboy and Chum Chum are fully clothed. Is Cartoon Network on crack these days? why are they bringing in all these shows from Canada, come up with your own original shows Cartoon Network. Stuart Snyder is really killing Cartoon Network. he needs to die. One more complaint is why is this show on Boomerang? this show is not a classic and it never will be. Boomerang is meant for good classic 20th-century cartoons, not for modern ugly pieces of shit they call "Cartoons". so all in all, don't watch this show, If I had to choose between watching this or Fanboy and Chum Chum, I would pick Fanboy and Chum Chum in a heart beat.
  • Hate this crap

    I want the characters to just explode, so much.
  • It's like Cartoon Network acquired their own Fanboy and Chum Chum

    Almost Naked Animals is a show about a bunch of animals wearing underwear. Now the first thing I can say is that the show can be unappealing. The animation style, character designs, and overall idea is annoying for most people to comprehend. The show at least has it's own animation design but the design of the show is somewhat gross. You have a show with a bunch of shaved animals, male and female, in their underwear. It's not X-rated at all but rather typical "cartoon goofiness" you see in shows like Spongebob. I can see how unappealing that can be, but it's at least unique, it makes it stick out in some way. It sticks out in a way that is gross or unappealing but it at least sticks out. Now besides the art style my next criticism would be the characters. You have Howie the Dog and Octo the Octopus,Bunny, Duck, Poodle. The character development here has been used many times before. First in "Spongebob SquarePants" and later in "Camp Lazlo" 'Fanboy and Chum Chum" In those the lead character(s) is some strange oddball with other opposing character that justs dislikes the lead. I've decided to dub it "Spongebob Development" In Almost Naked Animals, Howie is like Spongebob and Poodle is kinda like Squidward.

    In comparision to Sidekick, Sidekick does better than Almost Naked characters in some catagories while Almost Naked Animals does better than Sidekick in other catagories. Sidekick has more appealing characters,animation and setting designs than Almost Naked Animals. Almost Naked Animals has better plots, writing and character consistancy than Sidekick. In both shows the negitive aspects just overpowered the positive aspects.

    The shows humor is mainly like your typical Nickelodeon humor. Underwear jokes, goofy characters, random humor, etc.

    Almost Naked Animals is unappealing. The humor is similar to the stuff seen on Nickelodeon. The shows characters, character designs, humor, and setting designs are unappealing like Nickelodeon's "Fanboy and Chum Chum" Also like "Fanboy and Chum Chum" ,The character development setup is like Spongebob. Where Howie is like Spongebob. I'm sure there can be subtle positives about Almost Naked Animals, but the negitives overpower the positives. The idea about animals in their underwear is unique, yet unappealing. 4/10
  • This isn't just bad, it's REALLY bad.

    It really amazes me as to how far Cartoon Network continues to spiral. We have here yet another cartoon from our good friends in Canada. Out of all of them though, this is just downright awful. I'm not kidding, this is literally the worse Canadian import ever to be shown on CN. Almost Naked Animals takes place on an island where for some reason that's not explained, the animals are all in their underwear. The main character, Howie, is a dog with a group of other animals who he befriends and they all run a hotel called Banana Cabana. All the while, another hotel wants to take over it and plots to find ways to get it. Together Howie and his friends must keep the hotel safe from being taken over. Not only is the premise really stupid, but the way they do it leaves you baffled as to how this show got the green light. The first major issue has to be the fact that every character on this show is not the least bit interesting. Piggy is just an arrogant jerk who speaks like a caveman. Sloth is nothing more than some obsessed freak for Howie, and I mean she's WAY too obsessed with him that goes into stalker territory. Octo is nothing more than a timid octopus who contributes nothing. Duck is just a complete moron. Narwhal is a complete egotist who thinks he's the best singer ever when in reality he almost makes The Naked Brothers Band look talented in comparison. Bunny is nothing more than a stuck up whiner who loves to complain about anything and everything. Howie though, oh dear Lord in Heaven is Howie awful. Not only is he a complete moron, but he seems to also be a ripoff of Spongebob Squarepants. The way he acts like a complete oblivious character who is always being optimistic is a dead giveaway there. The only difference though is that Spongebob was not annoying like Howie. Howie pretty much is just as annoying as you can get with a main hero. The so called villain is actually Howie's sister who is a poodle and owns the other hotel. She wants to take over Banana Cabana for herself. Why? It's never explained at all. The plots are rather stupid and a case of been there done that with nothing new added in. It's always the same anyway, Howie and his friends must keep their hotel safe, so there's not much in terms of variety. As for the gags, the show delves into nothing more than crude humor that isn't funny. Seeing the poodle sneeze on a bat and its snot on him is NOT funny at all, it's just gross for the sake of being gross. If it's not that, then it's the characters making fart jokes or something that's not funny. The artwork is just poorly done. While the set designs are okay, the characters look ugly and the fact that they're almost naked doesn't exactly make for good eye candy. The animation comes off as choppy most of the time and there seem to be lip syncs that are off in this show. I mean do I really need to explain more why this show is a failure? The characters are not interesting and have no development, the stories are bland and forgettable, the humor and running gags are not funny and just gross, and the whole concept just makes no sense. Instead of checking into this show, you should be checking out of that show and running away from it and never looking back at it.
  • Quite... Disturbing

    I heard of this show from my best friends, who were talking about it at lunch. Well, pretty much, me and my friends are all cartoon freaks, so knowing this is something that's the topic of the table, it HAD to be decent... but was I in for a suprise.

    First off, the show itself is disturbing and horrific. Basically, the plot is: a bunch of animals running around in their underwear.

    The characters are Howie (the only one with an actual name), Narwhal, Octo, Bunny, Duck, Piggie, and Sloth. Now Howie, is very annoying, and like MetalCake25 said, he's just like Johnny Test, who I wish would die in a hole. Narwhal is completely stuck on himeself, and believes he's the best singer in the world, and needs to be on the cover of every magazine. Octo, is a timid octopus who looks... quite odd. Bunny is a, well, a bunny who has major anger problems, and thinks everything should be her way. Then there's Duck, a character who is really dumb and comes up with the worst prossible contraptions. Piggie is a jerk who can't speak in complete sentances and 'cooks'. Let's not forget Sloth, who has a REALLY creepy obsession with Howie. I'd know about creepy obsessions, knowing I have one myself...with Link... but that's not the point. The point is, all the characters are obnoxious and are annoying. 'Nuff said.

    The theme song is TOO catchy, and whenever I happen to hear it, I can't get it out of my head. Not to mention how it makes my ears bleed.

    The whole plot is odd, too. The fact that this moron of a dog, Howie, owns a hotel is beyond my understanding. The 'villian', actually, is Howie's sister, a poodle who wants to own Howie's hotel as well as her own. She also has a little bat slave. Each episode is about Howie and his friends trying to save the hotel from whatever madness that is going on.

    Another note on the charaters, everyone has HAIR everywhere. Even fish, who don't have fur to begin with, have it. It's gross :(.

    Well, that was my review, and my thoughts will remain.
  • this vs. happy tree friends

    happy tree friends is a lot better than this.
  • this show makes no sense!

    this show makes absolutely no sense. First of all the title is pointless, why are they almost naked, there animals with fir? Plus the animals without fir have hair, such as the narwhal and the octopus those are two animals that a'rent supposed to have hair! Another thing is that duck character is a complete moron, how is it possible for him to make machines only a genius can make. Not to mention that the characters look like the've been drawn by a three year old, i'm not kidding Howie looks like he got ran over by a car then beat with a pair of brass knuckles.
  • To Bad I couldn't put 0 as my rating

    this is a load of bullshit yeah Im cussing thats how much I hate this who ever approved of this show being on Cartoonetwork must have been blind drunk or just wanted Cartoonetwork to crash and burn
  • What the heck!

    this show stinks.BADLY! I'll give you my reasoning:

    1. What kind of name is Almost naked Animals? I could tell by the title that this show would stink!

    2. The Characters!

    Howie: Oh, gosh! How did he even get to be the manager of the Banana Cabana, anyway?This guys is so stupid, disgusting, and destructive as heck!

    Octo: This guy is scared of stinkin' everything! (P.S. sorry for using stink a lot, it just does.)

    Narwhal: This guy is too full of himself! Also, his songs are boring!

    Bunny: Too much anger! This bossy animal always yells or screams at Howie or other animals! This girl should go to anger management class!

    Piggy: Well, I don't really hate Piggy.

    Sloth: How could you love Howie?!? This guy, like I said is stupid! You love him so much, the love is stalker-like.

    Duck: Way too stupid! Nuff said

    Poodle: Why the heck do you want the hotel so much? Get a life!

    Batty: Nothing to say here.

    3. (And finally) The jokes and other stuff!

    The jokes are snot,saliva and the like!

    Art looks stupid

    Characters look ugly

    In conclusion, this show should end........... Now

    Rating: 0/10 Sorry for long review, though.

    Unrelated side note: Why do shows now-a-days have at last one stupid character and one character having a crush on another character?
  • the worst show ever

    ok my opinion

    characters:why could you...MAKE THEM NAKED????bad for kids

    art:terrible looks like a 3 year old drawing

    plot:just plain...nothing

    creativity:NOT GOOD AT ALL!

    this show is just plain bad.not good at all.
  • Terrible. Nothing more, nothing less.


    Ah... just when Cartoon Network was starting to get on my good side again, they go ahead and put this and Sidekick on the air. *sigh* Where do I begin?

    Well, the show's basically about this dog who owns this hotel and his other animal friends help him run it. And there's this rival hotel that they're competing with, and well...... that's pretty much it. Very basic, really.

    Let's start with the most obvious flaw.... the art style. What were they thinking?! The characters are basically half clothed, as the title suggests. But the least they could have done was try to make it look decent. Simply put, it doesn't even look mediocre. Everything in this show just looks ugly. Even the animation is terrible. It looks so...... choppy, like they drew all the frames really fast and called it a day.

    Another thing about this show that annoys me is the FREAKIN' THEME SONG! Seriously, this is one of, if not the, worst theme songs I've ever heard. The lyrics are downright horrific, and the actual singers make me want to STRANGLE SOMEONE! Sorry about that outburst, but that's just how much the theme infuriates me.

    Next thing I want to talk about is the characters. First off, the voice acting is bad in this show. It's not the worst, but it's still bad. The characters in this show are pretty bland. There's nothing interesting about any of them. I mean, with the bizarre art style, you'd at least expect at least ONE character to have some sort of charm, but there's nothing visible here. Not to mention that they're all so darn irritating. The worst character is definitely the main character, Howie. He's basically a Johnny Test clone, but much less whiny (which is odd considering that both these characters' voices sound similar. Is this what they were going for?).

    Finally, I want to talk about this show's humor. As if the art style wasn't a pathetic enough attempt, they had to try to make us laugh with some horrible, horrible jokes. Luckily, this show doesn't have a lot of toilet humor, despite the art style and name suggesting otherwise. That's a plus, right? Wrong. All the jokes that this show tries to deliver fail critically. It's like the show isn't even trying to be funny. Top that off with some pretty poor story lines and you're in for a really awful 22 minutes.

    Well, that's my review. Please, kind readers, save yourself the trouble and don't watch this show. You won't regret skipping it.

  • Heh, I bet the one who made this had problems in their life.

    Ok, summary.

    Plot: Just a hotel fight. They can't think more of a better plot!

    Characters: They must be related from the the directors with problems! This has a lot of psychological conflict, all of the characters have no fur, just underwear. In fact, they look like nothing like an animal! They look like slum animals! I bet this person who made this likes to dream about having intercourse with animals. I wish this show, this director gets to sued by PETA.

    Humor: Worst humor. Snot jokes. I can't find any great humor in this one hell of a show.

    Art: Bad. Naked animals EVERYWHERE. PETA WHERE ARE YOU WHEN YOU ARE NEEDED? POOR QUALITY OF ANIMATION AND EVERYTHING! I think they originated from a garbage dump.

    Overall: -3. One of the irritating cartoons of all time. This one is very irritating for it's s**t quality.
  • Something weird was going on with my review so I'm going to re-post it.

    It's like a bunch of alcoholics and crackheads were put in a room together and told to come up with a cartoon, while high/drunk. I know this is the point of this show, but WHY THE HELL ARE THEY HALF NAKED?! Seriously, WTF is with the patches of skin, can they AT LEAST have FUR? As much as I love idea of this show, it is completely ruined by the jokes and annoying characters and pretty much everything else, the animation is pretty good, but the character design is.. not even tolerable. I REALLY WISH that the voice actors would AT LEAST put it some EFFORT. Anyways, sorry fans (even though there aren't many of you), but I pity this show, with all my heart
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