Almost Naked Animals - Season 2

YTV Premiered Jun 13, 2011 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Miss Surrounding Area; Wag the Dog Thing
  • Dr. Howie & Mr. Howyena; Howie's Pet Project
  • The Night Shift; Horn Swoggled
  • The Cabana Manana / Howie's Little Helper
    The Cabana Manana: Howie trades away the Banana Cabana's beach, yard and pool to Yeti in exchange for gifts to give to the gang, / Howie's Little Helper: Howie mentors a young apprentice into being his idea of a model hotel manager. The power goes to the head of Howie's new little friend so the gang has to find a way to take the little guy down a notch.moreless
  • The Perfect Gift/Home for the Howiedays
    The Perfect Gift: Narwhal has special presents to give to the gang. It would be nice if they were presents that they actually wanted. / Home for the Howiedays: Howie invites his conniving sister Poodle over for the Howiedays despite everyone's reservations. Will the spirit of the Howiedays bring them together?moreless
  • Hotel of Horrors/Howiewe'en
    Hotel of Horrors: Howie enters an alternate dimension where the gang are bizarro versions of themselves. / Howiewe'en: Howie gets Octo in the spirit of Halloween by encouraging him to dress up this year.
  • Cat's Eight Lives / Crouching Narwhal, Hidden Piggy
    Cat's Eight Lives: Cat trades 8 of his 9 lives for Howie's old TV - but now he needs them back... but where did Howie put them?.... / Crouching Narwhal, Hidden Piggy: Narwhal competes with Piggy on a ninjitsu-chef game show.
  • Stink Dog/Doll Pox
    Stink Dog/Doll Pox
    Episode 9
    Stink Dog: Howie decides bathing is a waste of time, so his friends are forced to attempt a `stinkervention`./Doll Pox: Howie tries to get the chicken pox, so he can join the rest of the gang in quarantine.
  • Piggy's Secret/Sloth Unleashed
    Piggy's Secret: Howie and Octo try to find out why Piggy's behaving so mysteriously /Sloth Unleashed: Howie attempts to train Sloth to be a stunter so she can join the Dirk Danger fan club.
  • The Orang Fizzy Blues/Champion Gurgitator
    "The Orange Fizzy Blues" - Howie tries to win a soda can contest from Captain Fizzy so he can win a mystery. Will the prize thrill or dissapoint?/"Champion Gurgitator" - Piggy loses a watermelon eating contest against Yeti and Howie must win back the title for the Bannana Cabana and to win back Piggy's coveted spoon.moreless
  • Piggy Want Party From Dog/Living Dangerously
    "Piggy Want Party From Dog"-Howie tries to throw a surprise party for Piggy. / "Living Dangerously"- Howie becomes a creative product tester with Dirk Danger branded products.
  • Candid Camaraderie/Champion Gurgitator
    "Candid Camaraderie" - Poodle tries to humiliate the staff at the Banana Cabana by posting embarrassing videos of them online - but her plan backfires when Octo becomes an internet sensation. / "Champion Gurgitator" - Octo's the only one unable to set a record in Cap'n Fizzy's Big Book of Unnecessary Accomplishments. Howie tries to help his pal accomplish something... anything... to get himself in the book.moreless
  • Who Inked The Bed?/Kikmee
    "Who Inked The Bed?" - Octo's scary dreams has him staining his bedsheets in the shape of his pals - that is, everyone BUT Howie, who really wants one of Octo's "mess"-terpieces. / "Kikmee" - Howie challenges Bunny that she can't get through a day without losing her temper - the loser has to suit up as the hotel's mascot, Kikmee.moreless
  • Gone Banana / Imaginary Fiend
    "Gone Banana" - When the hotel's rooftop banana goes missing, Howie and Octo set out on an island-wide adventure to find it. / "Imaginary Fiend" - Howie's old imaginary friend comes to visit, and drives everyone crazy.
  • In The Deep End/The Sun Howie Always Wanted
    "In The Deep End" - Narwhal confesses his greatest secret ever... he never learned how to swim! / "The Sun Howie Always Wanted" - After several days of bad weather, Duck builds an artificial sun that never goes down.
  • Jellyhead / Matter Over Mind
    "Jellyhead" - A bossy Jellyfish sticks himself to Octo's head, and starts to take over Octo's personality. / "Matter Over Mind" - Howie gets the TV remote stuck to his head, and develops strange new powers!