Almost Royal

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Almost Royal

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AIRED ON 7/26/2014

Season 1 : Episode 7

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  • They're Only Pretending :P

    The Brits in the show aren't actually royal, they are actors. they are there to have a laugh at the Americans proving how easy it is to pretend to be a royal there. their real names are Ed Gamble (Georgie Carlton) and Amy Hoggart (Poppy Carlton).
  • Cute

    I have no idea what dick got shoved into one of the review's asses, but I love how genuinely clueless the Brits are, visiting America for the first time. I love how their reactions to American cultures and customs are hilarious and charming. this is a show worth watching.
  • Enjoy it while you can

    I hope this show lasts longer than Gerhard Reinke's Wanderlust, a somewhat similar show that ended way too soon (only six episodes), but the premise seems to put a limit on how many episodes they can do. How many American cities can they visit? A couple dozen maybe? How long can Georgie and Poppy remain so hilariously clueless about American customs and language? And while I applaud the absence of a laugh track, I'm afraid that many viewers will find it unfunny simply because they aren't being told when to laugh (but subtitles for Poppy might help at times).

    But I'd love to be wrong, and for this show to last for several seasons. Great fun, leaves me laughing even after the show ends. Funniest non-animated series in the past several years (although Enlisted, which has apparently already been canceled, gets an honorable mention).moreless
  • Flippin' funny!

    I am a hardcore Anglophile and perhaps that is why I find this program so entertaining. Some episodes have been better than others, but these Brits (brother & sister) are so dimwitted about American culture and customs and I find that quite amusing. I believe there are aristocrats in Engand who could easily identify with Georgie and Poppy.
  • Terrible

    Just another show absolutely obsessed with stupidity.

    Seriously, this kind of 'comedy' really just shows how shallow and disdainful of the human race the writers are.

    Dumb n Dumber has been done, don't know why so many writers think this will be the next thing.

    Unless your less intelligent then these main characters and writers, you probably want to pass on this one.

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