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  • One extraordinary show!! Funny funny & then some

    Found this by accident. Easily worth what it takes to pay for a year of PRIME on Amazon ($99 I think, mine is free as I am a student).

    John Goodman does the lead justice as Senator Gil John Biggs. He lives in a townhouse in DC with 3 other Senators: Louis Laffer, Robert Betencourt and Andy Guzman.

    Very well written. In nice 28 minute episodes, just love that! Found out what the younger generation meant by "binge watching" and watched the entire first . just great.

    don't miss this one and tell your friends!!!!!
  • Fun..

    John Goodman being sarcastic and allowed the freedom to curse! :) What else could be better? Well, it just happens that it's actually a cool show to watch and makes fun of politicians. I like it! Hope for a lot more! After watching season 2.. all I can say.. is.. WE WANT MORE!
  • You have to watch this show closely....

    because it requires your attention to catch all of the humor. A lot of the laughs are not "in your face". Its intelligent,entertaining and I imagine pretty real to life. Wonderful cast!!
  • It's a great show!

    I enjoy the show very much. What I can't understand is why "wudntulik2know" chooses to attack other TV fans while reviewing a show. I happen to love American Idol and Survivor as well as Alpha House!
  • Not for the moronic idiots who watch American Idol and Survivor...

    Alpha House is brilliant. Here's hoping Amazon takes over the entertainment world and puts FIOS out of business.
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