Season 1 Episode 6

Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 15, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Gary is one hell of a well written, hilarious character

    Gary is one hell of a well written, hilarious character.

    He totally cracks me up.
  • Screwball comedy outshines harrowing kidnap subplot.


    A high-profile kidnapping case gives hotheaded Bill a shot at getting back into the FBI, if he can work quickly and furtively -- so he goes after the case using the only asset onhand ... the autistic Gary.

    It was a pleasure seeing the mismatched partners go at the case. On the one side, Bill was driven and ambitious to the point that he was, frankly, using Gary. Gary, for his part, what happy to play the cop that he so clearly is not. Bill is not, however, the consummate professional that he would like to be (he is on suspension for assaulting another agent), and Gary realizes belatedly that he is not suited for action, or even stealthy investigation, in the slightest. Their friction, between each other and with their own failed expectations, is the crux of this story. The workmanlike kidnapping plot (complete with twists of its own) serves the A-plot well.

    The other characters each had something to do, but, aside from a budding romance, didn't have a whole lot of growth. Which is fine. Everyone gets their moments in the series, and this episode, it was the titular characters' turn. (Bill, especially, was in need of some character development; we now have a better idea of what makes him tick.)

    The show is shaping up to be an X-Files-style mix of standalone episodes and larger-plot episodes. It's fine to take a break from Red Flag every now and then and focus on characters. It's a credit to this show that these "off-road" detours feel fresh and relevant. As long as they remember that these are characters with powers (and not the other way around), it will continue to charm. Well done.

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