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Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2012 on Syfy
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    Alphas "Falling" Review: Daddy Issues

    The aptly titled "Falling" was heavy on gravity as characters wrestled with a touchy topic: intervening with someone they love.

  • Episode Summary

    While Kat takes on her first mission tracking down a street drug that gives normal humans temporary Alpha powers, Rosen discovers the identity of the mole.

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    • Bringing in the other players

      I enjoyed this episode and rated it an 8.5. There was quite a bit of interpersonal action this time, particularly between Dr. Rosen and his daughter and I found it very realistic. Then there was the interplay between Cameron, his son, and Rosen's daughter. We also got to see Bill take charge and he did it very realistically and Kat become an operative to find out what an old boyfriend was up to. Finally there was Gary and I really get a kick out of what he says due to his mental condition. I can also say watching those people jump off the buildings was rather insane and maybe that was where the reality was a bit stretched. I mean even if you were told you wouldn't die or even get hurt I can't imagine diving head first from a 10 story building!moreless
    Gianpaolo Venuta

    Gianpaolo Venuta

    Dylan Renfro

    Guest Star

    Elijha Hammill

    Elijha Hammill

    Duncan Cley

    Guest Star

    Gage Munroe

    Gage Munroe

    Tyler Hicks

    Guest Star

    Steve Byers

    Steve Byers

    John Bennett

    Recurring Role

    Erin Way

    Erin Way


    Recurring Role

    Kathleen Munroe

    Kathleen Munroe

    Danielle Sophia Rosen

    Recurring Role

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      • John: Rachel.
        Rachel: Uh-huh.
        John: You know I've been in actual combat, right?
        Rachel: Yes.
        John: I think i can handle dinner with your parents.
        Rachel: Yes.
        John: Yeah.

      • Rosen: Gary, uh, you can't speak to anyone about this. If that makes you uncomfortable, I understand.
        Gary: No, I'm not uncomfortable. Because I'm a secret agent. Secrets are what I do my best. Secrets is my middle name.

      • Kat: But you'll have my six. I'll be fine.
        Gary: No, Bill's not going to have your six. he's my partner. He gets my six.

      • Bill: And if this Dylan Renfro guy is dangerous...
        Kat: I kicked your ass.
        Bill: Aren't you supposed to forget things?
        Kat: I wrote that one down.

      • Bill: There are rules, Kat, and Rule Number One: you don't dive off a frickin' roof.
        Kat: That doesn't sound like a real rule.

      • Gary: You didn't even ask me to, but I cracked it anyway.
        Rosen: Well, what does it mean?
        Gary: It means that I took initiative.
        Rosen: No, I know. Gary. Uh, thank you. But, no, the numbers.

      • Rachel: But I'm still me. And I'm a total freak.
        Nina: No, Rachel, you're not. Think of everything you've done since then. Think of everything you do here, everyday. You're strong and you're capable, and we're all freaks.

      • Kat: Can you drive?
        Gary: Yeah, of course. I passed the test online. I got a perfect score. But I'm better if I don't drive on roads where there are other cars or people, just 'cause--'cause they don't always obey the rules and I could mow people down.

      • Gary: Shouldn't do that. It's inappropriate. We don't squeeze other agents.

      • Rachel: He must be heartbroken.
        Gary: No, hearts don't really break. They can stop and they can leak, but they can't really break. It just--it gets tired. Gives up after a while.

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