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Anna inconsistency.

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    [1]Sep 18, 2012
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    In the first episode where the leader of Red Flag, Anna, was introduced, it was said that she was not able to communicate with anyone. She was unresponsive and unable to answer anyone, before it was revealed that she communicated through making sounds.

    In a later episode, where Gary sneaked off to secretly meet her, he was guided to Anna's side by her "bodyguard. She then sent the guard away by nodding at him.

    I thought she wasn't able to communicate!?!

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    Well the assumption that she was unresponsive and unable to communicate was already proven wrong with her ability to make her own language of sounds and a translator to communicate with people. The nodding that she does as well as other communicative behaviour had already been written off as being the obsessive action of an autistic person by the person.
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