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Scene Spotting - Toronto as a filming location (possible spoilers)

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    [1]Jul 18, 2011
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    Okay, haha, I find this so funny because I am not someone that sits at their TV screen and looks for things the directors/camera crew did wrong, but in Alphas, the mistakes are sooooooo obvious.

    Lol, they say the show is set in New York, and that's all fine and dandy since 95% of shows are set in New York.

    The problem is that they hide the fact that its filmed in Toronto so poorly. I just saw the first episode and I couldn't stop trying to guess which building was which. Here are some things I've noticed in just one episode:

    -King St road sign (typical blue and white Toronto sign)

    -My local Holt Renfrew (haha)

    -When the guy was shooting from the roof top there was 4 (FOUR!!) Canadian flags on ground level (lol, so blatant)

    -The guy works at a Typical toronto Valu-Mart

    -When the guy was running on the roof there was the biggest reflection of the CN tower (I was waiting for this one)

    -Their 'headquarters' is situation behind a Don Mills condominium which is seen from one of the major highways

    -The park they were in cleverly had a New York State Park sign in the back, BUT behind the sign was a car with Toronto plates

    It's kinda fun to see all these places I've been to, and it makes the show more entertaining because it gets me to guess where they are filming the show.

    So if anyone else from Toronto has noticed any more Toronto locations, POST THEM HERE.

    Have fun.

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    [2]Jul 23, 2011
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    The record store they were in is a place on Queen St I believe. I was just there a couple weeks ago. Saw it and was like "hey, I know where that is." haha
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    I think its really funny when they are on the subway and to "hide" the fact that its the TTC they just place a bunch of American flags everywhere XD.
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