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Synesthesia is not the enhancement of the senses!!!

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    [1]Oct 7, 2011
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    After watching the first fiveminuets of this show im kind of interested and can see the potential, what irritated me straight away is the girl who can enhance her senses and the file page saysSynesthesia. HoweverSynesthesia is sensual confusal, wherepeoplewho have itassociatecolours to sound or feelings to days of the week for instance, that sound of a car is brown that sort of thing.

    It isdefiantlynot a hypersensitivity of certain senses!!!

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    [2]Oct 9, 2011
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    They explained how she could enhance her senses in the first and second episode, it kept coming up. You might've just missed it, who knows.

    But how it works is that she can switch off her other senses and focus solely on one particular one, e.g. been able to hear a car miles away but not having sight or smell etc. Scientifically and logically it's plausible, as it's just extreme adaptation for an extreme version of controlled synthesis. Which is what makes her an alpha. Remembering that Hick's hyperkinesis really doesn't mean he has perfect thought to execution or perfect dexterity according to most reputable medical sources. It just means he's hyper-active, which accordingly now needs a medical term and synopsis *sigh*.

    It's a tv show, don't take anything away from it without scrutiny, but don't go watching it just to scrutinize.

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    As they've established, the downside of her power is that she occasionally suffers from sensory overload that borders on synesthia.

    However, I wouldn't take what they establish in the pilot too seriously. Originally it was stated that she had to shut down her other four senses to enhance one, but that's pretty much gone by the wayside. She's been shown to be quite capable of using her enhanced hearing or smell while walking around, meaning she still has touch and sight.
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