Season 2 Episode 13

God's Eye

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2012 on Syfy

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  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overall series was excellent except for the ending there should be a season 3 very disappointed in the way the series ended come on people you got something good there and flop in the end????
  • Alphas+X-MEN= A-MEN

    What I've realised from the series (which was great btw):

    Dr. Lee Rosen=Prof. Xavier (the Professor)

    Gary Bell=Beast (the brain)

    Cameron Hicks=Wolverine (the bad boy)

    Rachel Pirzad=Storm (the compassionate one)

    Nina Theroux=Jean Grey (the troubled girl)

    Bill Harken=Cyclops (the muscle)

    Stanton Parish=Magneto (the friend and foe)

    Kat=Shadowcat (the young one)

    Cornell Scipio=Pyro (the right hand)

    Danielle Sophia Rosen=Mystique (the good and the bad one)

    What do you think?
  • Damnit..

    I'm not a big fan of happy endings, but this one seems a bit much even to me... Seeing as Alphas wouldn't die from the flashes (and if everything they've said untill now is true) we can conclude that Rosen and most of the people in the station are dead while the team and a few other 'new' Alphas survived...

    So yeah, damnit.. The ending of this show would have made a better start of a new show than the start we were given, but he... Cancellation bites... Seeing as an Alpha jut killed hundreds (probably around a thousand) people, I wanted to see how the world would react.. Shame...
  • But the real question is.....

    This series last few episodes seem to lack a clear vison of the future. The death of Rosen's daughter seemed to take the scriptwriters by surprise.

    The series end did add a little twist to what would otherwise have been a predictable ending. As indicated by others it seems implausible that all these characters have died, so they are most likely unconscious. So the real question of intrigue is why isn't Gary.

    If the answer to the above is merely explained by Gary being autistic, so his mind does not work like others and consequently is not effected by the pulse like others, then that would be disappointing. On the other hand if the explanation is something more unexpected, then their could be life in a new series....
  • What a way to go out for the season...

    I rated this one a 7.5. I don't know about others but the show seemed a bit disjointed. While it was all tied together on the mission to stop Parish for some reason it just seemed disjointed. The way the team reacted was odd and they didn't seem to exactly get it together. Rosen's part also seemed a bit surrealistic but maybe that was because of Dani's presence. Now Gary was fun as he always is because of his autism problems and I loved his various reactions to the situations he was in. And then we get an ending that leaves everything hanging. I'm not sure if this was renewed for another season yet but if not, that ending sure would be awful.
  • A very mean end

    I just have to say 1 thing: this is a very mean way to end the season. And further, maybe the synopsis was a bit easy: just cut off the power and everybody's saved. But it was unexpected for everyone in the station building to die, IF they did. And Dr. Rosen just can't be dead, for he's the real main character in this series. And the rest of them are Alphas, so they probably won't be dead. Well, we'll have to wait 'till the next season to figure this all out.
  • A clever title goes here!

    A lousy ending. So utterly contrived that it wasn;t a legitimate cliffhanger (ending on a climax instead of just and unfinished conclusion). And I'm very tired of characters out of character. I will have a lot to think about before the next season comes... and whether I bother with it or not.
  • what a finish is everyone dead??????

    a great ending to another interesting season