Season 2 Episode 11

If Memory Serves

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2012 on Syfy

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  • was great

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • whole new level

    So, this was the best episode in this whole show. I don't know what I liked best, the fast pace, the ballsy attitude of our main characters or just the flow of the story that for the first time did seem to go smoothly.

    I liked the relationship between Cameron and Kat. Kat's character seems to balance out nicely the grief struck Hicks (but i noticed that she seems to work well with almost anyone). Lol-ed a little at Kat's memory, but I still think the actress in that commercial might be important...just because of her job it doesn't mean she isn't her mother for real.

    Nina and Rosen also seemed to work well together. It has always bothered me that despite his best intentions (and rationalizations) Rosen has always managed to make questionable decisions that might lead people into thinking that he was using the alphas, not helping them accept who they really were (especially these last episodes). So for me, his willingness to throw the senator under the buss felt like him finally showing his true colors . Don't get me wrong, i like his colors, this new side of him felt more like the real Rosen than any other I've seen so far and that made me feel at ease with the character. Also, it felt good to see Nina defend and try to help the senator... she still has some redeeming to do and her taking responsibility for her actions is an important step (even if that meant going against Rosen at some point...she has earned my respect on that one). I almost forgot about the awesome elevator scene. that was totally unexpected for me and raised Rosen's bad-ass level way beyond what i ever thought him capable of.

    Gary's lack of reaction to mother's accident served as a reminder of how far he truly is of a normal human being. Sometimes i tend to forget he is not like the rest them (just a little more quirky). At first i got a little frustrated with Bill for not putting things into perspective for him, given that he is unable to put 2 and 2 together but as the story progressed I realized that all he could have accomplished was to scare the kid so, in retrospect, his gentle half explanation was the wisest choice for Gary.

    What I had problems with was kat's choice to get rid of their pursuer for good... i get it that the solution was brilliant but for that to off someone felt wrong. they could have just shot him and left him there, take his car and go to Rosen (after reaching their headquarters no one could have harmed them). Well, at least she felt bad for killing him (i mean, they showed us that not even the character felt this was the best solution and that helped a little).

    Other than that, this episode was spot on and if they keep it at this level the show might just become amazing.

  • In the elevator

    As with many shows, the elevator is a place for the sharing of secrets. Rosen showed what he is made of.
  • memory and history

    The slow development of Stanton Parish's actions and motivations are building to something special (which I believe will be the revelation that Danielle was his granddaughter and Dr. Rosen is one of his many illegitimate children over the years). I'm enjoying the pace, even if it means that there are occasionally small holes along the way.
  • Simply a great episode

    I really enjoyed this episode. What was remarkable in particular was the interpersonal relationship development. We saw Cam, still recovering from the loss of Danni, working with Kat and the interaction between the two being so realistic. We saw Gary and Bill and how they were taking the stroke Gary's mother had. Then there was Dr. Rosen and Nina. This really showed how the characters are working with each other in such a realistic way and developed the interpersonal relationships quite a bit. The story itself was also very good with the Kat and Cam sent to bring back one of Parish's alphas. While not a roller coaster ride episode it still had plenty of action to maintain your interest as well as a bit of intrigue figuring out what was going on with these newly introduced alphas. It also brought the Parish story line a bit more into perspective. I assume they are going to start to sew things up for this season as it is rapidly coming to a close with only two episodes left. I certainly hope they are planning on renewing this for at least a third season. I think it takes the best of Heroes while maintaining its reality which Heroes really started making absurd as it developed.