Season 2 Episode 11

If Memory Serves

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2012 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When Hicks and Kat first enter the house and look at the table in the living room, there are three jugs of milk--two without a cap, one without. After the angle changes, there is only one jug with no cap.

  • Quotes

    • Kat: I was calm as we approached the farmhouse. Sliding into danger as if it were a pair of fuzzy slippers. Hicks, however, was a wreck. Reeked of fear. And the breakfast burrito he ate a couple of hours ago.

    • Kat: Hicks, you can't shoot the prisoner. They didn't exactly teach us that at the academy, but it was totally implied.
      Hicks: Well, I didn't go to the academy.

    • Bill: Remember when you had Adam? And he's just a helpless little baby.
      Gary: Yeah. Yeah, of course. It wasn't even that long ago. I've got a good memory, Bill. I'm not a cat.

    • Senator Burton: Your team is more dangerous than the Alphas they go after. And you--you--are the worst. You use them to assault innocents under a pretense of justice.
      Rosen: Senator Burton, I apologize for pushing you. I can assure you we don't do that without a lot of consideration. But the other option was to blackmail you, with the illegal contribution to your first campaign, or that you had been compromised by Parish's organization in regards to August Medical. So I decided to have Nina push you because I thought that was the gentler of the options. And I'd like to think that I won't regret that choice. And, uh, yes, Senator, you are right. My team is dangerous. And so am I.

    • Kat: Okay, let's swap. I'll text you longitude and latitude.
      Caretaker: So now you're in charge?
      Kat: Yeah, I pick the location 'cause I have the leverage.
      Caretaker: How do you figure?
      Kat: Well, if I lose Hicks, I get yelled at. If you lose Mitchell, I'm guessing you get a painful death.

    • Hicks: You seriously don't know how to swim?
      Kat: I'm sorry. I was too busy learning how to pick locks under water.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: October 8, 2012 on SPACE
      UK: December 4, 2012 on 5*
      Australia: January 4, 2013 on SCI FI

  • Allusions

    • Kat: Since when did I turn into Tonto?
      Referencing the radio and TV series, The Lone Ranger. A Texas Ranger named Reid is the last survivor of an ambush. His childhood friend Tonto finds him and nurses him back to health. Reid dons a mask and rides into the Old West, fighting evil and tyranny with his faithful sidekick at his side.

    • Hicks: So he's a Total Recall Alpha.
      Referencing the movie Total Recall (1990), where construction worker Douglas Quaid discovers he's had his memories wiped and replaced, and he's actually a freedom fighter named Hauser. The movie several times hinges on the difference between implanted memories and real ones.

    • Hicks: I don't think you need to worry about the Terminator, pal.
      Referencing the movie The Terminator (1984), where a cyborg from the future (Arnold Schwarzenegger) comes back to kill everyone with the name Sarah Connor. It spawned three sequels and a TV series, featuring other Terminator cyborgs.

    • Kat: We'll be back in Manhattan in time for Jeopardy!
      Referencing the popular game show (first aired 1964) with host Alex Trebek, where three contestants are presented with clues in the form of answers, and must give a correct response in the form of a question. The game is typically divided into three rounds: Jeopardy Round!, Double Jeopardy Round!, and Final Jeopardy!