Season 2 Episode 10

Life After Death

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Rosen watches childhood videos of his daughter, Danielle, and then goes to the mortuary to pick a coffin for her.

Hicks is holed up in his office and ignores Bill and Gary when they try to get him to eat something. Gary suggests that he try screaming to release his anger and Bill hastily gets him out. Meanwhile, Rachel is discussing Danielle's death with Nina and admits that she's had trouble sleeping since then. Nina tells her friend that when she held Danielle's hand as she died, she could feel what Danielle was feeling because of the latter's power. Bill and Gary come over and Bill says that they need to keep on top of the investigation while Rosen deals with his daughter's death. Cley and his men come in and the DoD agent is surprised to see them there. He explains that he's there to get all of the intel they have on Stanton and goes into Rosen's office. When Rachel and Nina object, Bill says that he doesn't like it either but warns that they don't have a choice.

As the DoD cleans out Rosen's office, Cley asks Gary to download the files but he refuses, saying he's going to get pizza for lunch. Meanwhile, Nina suggests that Rachel take the rest of the day off and enjoy things while she can. As Rachel goes to the elevator, she runs into John, who says that he stopped by to see how she was doing. Rachel admits that it's good to see him and John asks if she wants to get some coffee. In response, Rachel kisses him and then says that she wants them to go to her home together. She explains that her parents are visiting her uncle in New Jersey and will be gone for a few hours and John immediately goes with her.

Gary enters the lobby after picking up his pizza and finds a woman, Magda Ryan, waiting for him. She's holding a baby carrier and asks Gary if Rosen is there. When Gary says that he isn't, Magda says that she knows Rosen helps Alpha and gives him the baby boy that she's carrying. Gary protests but Magda runs out the door, ignoring him.

Nina goes to Hicks's office to download his information on Stanton onto a flash drive. She offers to be there for Hicks but he ignores her at first. However, Hicks finally asks her to use her ability to push him into forgetting Danielle existed, because he can't stand to live without her. Nina refuses, saying that she knows Danielle cared for him, and Hicks tells her to go. Outside, Gary comes in with the baby and tells Nina and Bill what happened, and is reading the Internet to learn how to take care of a baby.

Rosen goes to Danielle's apartment to inventory her belongings.

Nathan debriefs Rosen, offering his condolences, and then asks who Rosen holds responsible for Danielle's death.

Rosen looks at some of Danielle's paintings.

Rachel undresses and helps John undress, but he refuses to remove his shirt. They end up in bed but Rachel is soon distracted by all of the sights, sounds, and smells filling the room.

At the office, Gary fixates on taking care of the baby and tells Bill that he already tried to track Magda and lost her in an alleyway. When Cley comes in to ask about the downloads, Gary tells him that he's busy. Hicks stops by and complains to Cley about how he didn't take Rosen's warnings about Stanton seriously until the immortal threatened to kill millions. Cley insists that they're doing what they can but it will take time and informs the group that Rosen was the one who turned the investigation over to the DoD.

Gary finally finds a photo of Magda on a beach in the Caribbean. The baby's parents, Brian and Jane Kessler, arrive and ask for their baby Adam back. Bill insists on checking their IDs first. While he does, they explain that Magda had seen a video of Rosen's announcement about Alphas and believed that Adam was an Alpha. She got the office's address and came there, and the Kesslers found where she had written down the address and followed her there.

After sex, Rachel and John both are less than enthused about what just happened. Rachel politely thanks John for coming over and he suggests that they get dinner. She agree and asks him to get dressed outside and let her dress alone.

Rosen continues to inventory his dead daughter's paintings.

Rosen recounts how he supported Danielle's decision to work as a double-agent against Stanton in return for a pardon. When Cley wonders how Stanton attracts followers, Rosen tells him that Stanton is a vicious psychopathic who preys upon people looking for purpose and a sense of belonging.

In his office, Gary plays with the baby and lets it tug on his finger. Bill comes in and says that the Kesslers check out and it's time to give them their baby back. Gary refuses, shoves Bill out, and locks the door. Nina comes over and Bill refuses to break the door down and set Gary off further. When he offers to let Gary check the Kesslers' IDs to reassure him that he's doing the right thing, Gary explains that he already did and that they have no bank accounts and no online baby photos. As they talk, Cley comes over and apologizes for the intrusion. However, he informs them that the DoD will be taking over the office the next day and using it as a base of operations to bring Stanton in. When Bill wonders what will happen to them, Cley assures him that they will still need the Alphas' expertise.

As Rachel and John go over movies, John says that he's fine with whatever Rachel wants and she says that they both deserve better than fine. John wonders if they expected too much the first time and that it felt like she was distant. Rachel explains that she does want to be with him but that she had hoped it would be different. The first time she had sex, she was overwhelmed and just shut down. John assures her that she'll get to the point where she's comfortable with him, and Rachel asks why he kept his shirt on. She assures him that she is comfortable with the sight of his scars but John admits that his ex told him that she couldn't stomach the sight of them. Rachel starts to kiss him again, just as her father comes home early. Embarrassed, Rachel introduces John and runs off to her room. John tries to make polite conversation and then goes after Rachel. Her father calls out that he's going shopping for two hours and leaves, and the happy couple end up back in bed.

Hicks goes to Danielle's apartment and Rosen explains that he came there to make sure Cley didn't miss anything. When he asks why Rosen turned the investigation over to Cley, Rosen says that he's going to let the authorities handle it because his inexperience got his daughter killed. Hicks points out that he should be looking for his daughter's killer and Rosen wonders where to start, but Hicks just walks away.

Nina and Bill realize that something is wrong with the Kesslers and tell the couple that Gary wouldn't harm their ability. They suggest that Adam is an Alpha and is somehow influencing Gary, but the parents insist that they don't believe in Alphas. Bill wants to call in Rosen to examine the baby but the Kesslers refuse to let him anywhere near their son. They give Bill a half-hour to recover Adam or they call the police and he promises to bring the baby out. However, he tells Nina that they'll talk to the Kesslers separately and see if they can find out anything.

Bill tells Brian that their IDs don't check out and invites him to call the police when the father takes offense. Meanwhile, Nina pushes Jane to tell the truth. She eventually says that she and Brian aren't Adam's parents and that Magda was a technician at the lab where some people were doing genetic work on newborns. There are four other babies there, and a man named Murphy sent them to recover Adam. Their orders were to get Adam out without a fuss if they could, but otherwise they were to make sure that Rosen's team knew who they were dealing with.

Brian reaches for his phone but uses his Alpha ability to shock Bill with electricity. Bill amps up to resist the charge and charges at Brian, throwing him out into the main room. Jane takes advantage of Nina's distraction, amps up, and slams her into a wall. Brian manages to stun Bill again, knocking him back, while Nina hits Jane with a vase. As Gary looks on, holding the baby, Brian stuns Nina and Jane slaps her down. The Kesslers approach Gary but he refuses to hand Adam over. They focus on him and Bill catches them unaware, knocking out Brian and holding Jane long enough for Nina to push her into unconsciousness.

Rosen finds some of Danielle's earlier childhood drawings.

Rosen unemotionally tells Cley how Danielle took the full blast from the voltaic grenades when they detonated.

Rosen finds one of Danielle's self-portraits and, crying, remembers telling Nina that whatever happened was his responsibility whether he wanted it or not.

Later, Nina calls Rosen to the office to check on Gary. He confirms that Adam is emitting high levels of vasopressin hormones, causing a feeling of protectiveness toward the baby. He gives Gary a vasopressin antagonist while Bill returns from the DoD raid on the laboratory after they got the address from the Kesslers. The tac team took everyone into custody and put the four babies into secure foster homes. Nina figures that Magda brought Adam to the office because she believed it was the safest place and congratulates Gary on how he protected the baby.

After a round of lovemaking, Rachel and John are much happier. When he warns Rachel that her father will soon be back, she says that she doesn't care.

Bill and Jeannie take Adam home with them for safekeeping. She's surprised that her husband wants a baby in the home, even temporarily, and Bill figures that they should take the good when they can.

Rosen goes to Hicks' apartment and talks to him outside on the step. They both blame themselves for Danielle's death, but Rosen finally says that it was Stanton that used Danielle and then killed her when she got in his way. Hicks warns Rosen that Cley will simply imprison Stanton if he captures him, and they both agree that Stanton deserves more for what he's done.