Season 1 Episode 5

Never Let Me Go

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2011 on Syfy

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  • A small town with a ho-hum killing spree.


    The team heads out to Smalltown, USA to investigate a short string of puzzling deaths. Rachel comes to the forefront, as both prime investigator and damsel-in-distress when she is targeted by an unhinged killer who literally uses love -- or the lack of it, as reflected in biochemistry -- to kill for revenge.

    Even with this being a "Rachel" episode, we don't learn much about her. She's sentimental. She doesn't like how germs look. Not much meat there. We learned more about her in a few quick telephone conversations with her mother than we did here.

    The actual murder plot is less than riveting. Picking out the killer wasn't challenging, and the plot just went from A to B. Not a whole lot to keep you on the seat's edge.

    On the bright side, the show continues to do well with characters. They're drawn well, and, in spite of their abilities, feel like real people, with real motives and real problems. They're fleshing out well. The dialogue and acting continue to be good ... astonishing, coming from a network that brings us entertainment with titles like "Velocigator vs. Mega-Shark-Tron".

  • Small town mystery. Big time Alpha.

    The episode starts with getting a little personal, showing Rachel's date and how having Alpha skills can affect you in the 'real world'. Of all the characters, Rachel's home life is one I find more interesting. One of the things I am looking forward to with this show, is them exploring the different relationships and dynamics within the team. Like this episode, we see brief partnerships between Dr. Rosen and Rachel, Nina and Bill, and Hicks and Gary which I thought was really interesting. As much as I like Lindsay Wagner's Dr. Calder, I felt her being there didn't really make sense. But I enjoyed seeing her outside of Warehouse 13.

    Gary, as usual, expertly acted as comic relief throughout the case. I loved when he got angry at the football player for using the word retard The plot itself was just as interesting as the character developments in this episode. It kept me guessing and entertained.The Alpha this episode was very intriguing and made a expertly motivated revenge-oriented villain. I thought this was a good 'stand-alone' episode, because there was no mention of Red Flag. The switch-up between these type of episodes and episodes like last week's 'Rosetta' keep the show interesting.
  • Standalone episode focusing on Rachel.


    Well, Dr. Rosen is no Professor X, but every one of these characters has me buying into them, even Bill, who I feel is real--but with whom I am as frustrated as I would be with a real person who did not show other sides of themselves. Rachel is hurting, but humble about it, to my relief although maybe not to her mental benefit. Nina was not likable in this episode, but understandably. Cameronwas pretty awesome. Gary--I love Gary! He was great at standing up to the bully, GREAT with the jacket, and pretty good comic relief. It bothers me that the rest of the team doesn't appreciate him as much. I thought that would change after "Rosetta."

    This episode was good. Too bad someone gave me a spoiler, because I'm confident the bad guy was pretty well-hidden. Is it something about the boy's body? Is it an angry coach? Is it a bully? That said, I also like how they have the reveal relatively early on, so it's not the climax of the show (some of my fave shows unfortunately resort to that sometimes). Not everyone used their powers, very nice, and Nina got some attention. No pun intended.

    All in all, I've become a full-time watcher of Alphas, entertained and intrigued by each episode so far, and this was no exception.