Season 1 Episode 11

Original Sin

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When Anna was introduced in "Rosetta," she was actively working with two Alpha Red Flag terrorists who planned to blow up a pharmaceutical plant. However, here she is presented without explanation or reason as a leading representative of Red Flag's more peaceful branch.

  • Quotes

    • Isaac: Don't make me kill you. It makes me tired, and then I get cranky.

    • Bill: Hello, where is everybody? Who's manning the fort?
      Gary: It's not a fort, Bill. That's a bad metaphor. Forts have ramparts and cannons. We have desks and carpets.
      Bill: You sitting in the boss' chair? What, are you in charge now? Where is everybody?
      Gary: Yeah, Bill, I am in charge when no one else is here.

    • Bill: I'm fine. The doctor, uh, said that infarction actually normalized me.
      Gary: Infar...
      Bill: Yeah, so... no more overdrive, no more underdrive. I'm optimal. So the rest was only precautionary.
      Gary: Bill.
      Bill: Yeah.
      Gary: Infarction. Come on.
      Bill: Gary, not now. Listen.
      Gary: Fart.
      Bill: Listen, we've got to focus.
      Gary: I'm being immature.

    • Gary: She's at a no-star hotel. It has one review. "Don't stay here."

    • Rosen: Gary, you spoke with Anna? I expressly told you not to do that.
      Bill: Doc, I told him the same thing, okay? But he's his own man now. Just--just give him a minute.
      Gary: Yeah, yeah, give me a minute. I'm my own man. Thanks, Bill.

    • Gary: No, I'm not coming home tonight, Mom. I.. I can't tell you. but my friends need my help... all of my friends. Yeah, I love you too, Mom. Mom, please, don't cry. Listen, Bill's gonna protect me. He's my partner, he--he's very strong. One time he pushed me over, which was better than taking a bullet. I said don't cry.

    • Gary: Dr. Ro--Dr. Rosen. Dr. Rosen, you should let me go and talk to--you should let me talk to Anna. 'Cause I could get them to surrender. I always get people to do what I want.
      Bill: Yeah, you do that, Gary.

    • Rosen: So what I am advocating, Senator, is not more guns or money or even a bigger prison. I am calling for light. For transparency. An end to secrets. And so I say to all of you here... and to all you watching, Alphas exist. They are among us. They are our friends and our spouses. They are our sons and daughters. They are indeed us, and they are not going away.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rosen: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
      Referencing Won't Get Fooled Again (1971), one of the best-known songs of the rock band The Who, which is used as the theme for CSI: Miami.