Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Cameron Hicks is working as a clerk at a grocery store when his cell phone rings. When he answers it, a beeping sound emerges. When Cameron checks the text message, he finds an address and a time, 6:22, and instructions to go to the rooftop. An elderly woman asks him for ice cream and then tells him, "It's time to kill." As Cameron goes in the back at 6:01 to get a soda with pop, his boss casually tells him "Time to kill, Hicks." Cameron walks out on the street and hears everyone, including infants, saying, "Time to kill" and telling him to pull the trigger. The same message appears on billboards and newspapers.

At 6:21, Cameron goes to the rooftop of the building at the indicated address. A sniper rifle is hidden there, and he takes it and aims at an air vent on the side of a nearby building. At precisely 6:22, Cameron fires a single shot.

Dr. Lee Rosen is swimming at his home when Department of Defense agent Don Wilson. Wilson gives him a file and explains that he wants Rosen involved because his group has deniability. Rosen reluctantly agrees and Wilson leaves.

In Jersey City, Nina Theroux is driving through downtown in a fancy car when a police officer pulls her over for speeding. She asks him to take off his glasses and then tells him to eat the ticket. He stares at he for a second and then does so.

Bill Harken is leaving for his job with Dr. Rosen. His wife Jeannie finds his car keys for him and sends him on his way. Outside, Bill discovers that someone has boxed in his car. He concentrates and starts to sweat, and then lifts up his car and slides it into the street.

Rachel Pirzad prepares to leave her family's dry cleaner store. As she leaves, she overhears her father talking about her "condition"... even though she's 20 feet away in a busy shop.

Sandra Bell tends to her autistic son Gary, who is using his ability to "read" electromagnetic waves and watch TV without a television. He precisely measures out his breakfast cereal and then sees an incoming signal from a van GPS that he recognizes. Sandra sees him out to the van, with Rosen and Rachel inside. Rosen assures her that human interaction and normal activities are good for Gary.

Rosen, Rachel, and Gary arrive at Rosen's office and headquarters, in a building behind a bowlerama. Bill and Nina are already there, and Bill can't resist teasing Gary. The team meets in the conference room and Rosen tries to show them security footage from an interrogation room in New York police headquarters. Wilson is conducting the interrogation of a suspect named Keeler. The screen goes dark and Gary fixes it while Rosen explains that the suspect was involved in blackmail and extortion. As Wilson interrogated him, Keeler was somehow shot in the head and killed. The footage wasn't tampered with and Wilson has no idea how it was done. Bill realizes that they're on their own with the investigation and Rosen thanks him for his patience.

The team goes to the police station and Nina uses her power to send the FBI agent in charge to the bathroom. They check out the interrogation room and Rachel augments her vision to examine the bloodstains. Bill has learned that a .30 caliber bullet was used from a rifle. Rachel sees an air vent in the wall and asks where it goes.

Rosen arrives on the building across the street in response to his team's summons. They explain that the shooter was there and fired a shot into the vent on the opposing wall of police headquarters. The shooter fired into the vent and ricocheted the shot into Keeler's head. Rosen is skeptical until Rachel finds the shell casing from the bullet. Meanwhile, a hidden watcher takes photos of them from another building.

Back at the office, Rosen suggest that the killer has hyperkinesis: perfect synchronization between physical and mental reactions. They figure that they're looking for an athlete who takes medication to deal with over-simulation and who has military training as a sniper. Bill goes to meet with his contact in the FBI while Rachel examines the casing for clues and Gary looks for footage of athletes. Nina does her fingernails.

Wilson meets with Rosen at a record store. The doctor wants to know what Wilson has gotten them into, but Wilson insists that he's told him everything he can. Rosen refuses to endanger his people on Wilson's word, and Wilson tells him that Red Flag, an Alpha extremist group is involved. They're back and using Alphas for drug trafficking and murder. Keeler was a witness and Red Flag eliminated him.

Bill makes with his FBI partner, Quinn, and they talk about anther agent, Persky, who is back on duty after an injury. Quinn hands over a file on military personnel who meet the description and then wonders what Bill is up to. Bill dodges the question and leaves, unaware that the same man from earlier is taking photos of him.

Back at the office, Bill drops the file off with Rachel and touches her muffin. Once he leaves, Rosen comes in and she tells him that she's found traces of orange rind on the casing. When he realizes that she's upset, Rosen asks what the matter is and she complains that Bill is rude and messy. He suggests that Rachel confront Bill but she refuses. Rachel agrees to try it and gives Rosen what she has. Cross-referencing that with Bill's information, she gives the data to Gary. He finds a video of a minor league baseball player, Cameron Hicks, who had a perfect game and wins with a perfectly-timed ricochet pitch to the first baseman.

Nina, Gary, and Bill track Cameron to the grocery store where he works. Bill checks Cameron's record and confirms he was a top-ranked sniper in the Army. Nina doesn't think that it adds up and wonders why an assassin would work at a grocery store. Inside, Cameron's boss informs him that he walked out in the middle of his shit without warning, and that he's been fired. When Cameron leaves, they realize that he's heading for his apartment... where Rachel is searching for clues. She has shut down her hearing to boost her vision and doesn't hear Bill's call to warn her.

The trio drives to the apartment and Bill goes inside to intercept Cameron. Cameron finds Rachel in his apartment as she finds the sniper rifle. Before he can get answers, Bill storms in and Cameron attacks him. He manages to escape out the window and Bill follows him down, but his adrenaline spikes after five minutes and he convulses in pain. Nina tells Bill to stay put and has Rachel and Gary track Cameron. She then drives to cut him off and uses her power to convince him to go to sleep.

Back at the office, Rosen and Rachel run a MRI scan on Cameron and find a lesion in his brain. Meanwhile, Bill complains to Nina that he isn't happy that they haven't thrown Cameron in jail. Nina disagrees, insisting that Cameron didn't know what he was doing. When Rosen comes in, he explains that they know about Alphas who can manipulate the neural structure of the brain. The lesion on the MRI indicates that someone influenced Cameron on a long-term basis.

Rosen brings in Wilson and explains that Cameron was brainwashed. Wilson mentions the "Ghost Files" and finally explains that the Ghost is a man who finds proxies and causes them to kill off anyone who poses a threat to Red Flag. Each proxy had a lesion in the brain. Rosen is angry that Wilson hid information from him, but Wilson tells him to find the Ghost before he kills someone else.

The Ghost goes to the Thompson Hotel, carefully wiping his hands and making sure he touches nothing. In his room, he checks his closet full of identical suits and then cleans his hands. The camera operative arrives four minutes late and tells the Ghost that Rosen's team has had their histories scrubbed. The operative warns that their superiors are worried and want to accelerate the schedule, but the Ghost complains that he has his own perfect schedule and the operative has thrown it off. When the operative says it won't happen again, the Ghost agrees and touches him with his right hand, which is scarred and mutilated.

Rosen examines a handcuffed Cameron and then gives him an injection of topirimate, which will negate forced induction. He has Cameron explain the last thing he remembers, and Cameron says that his phone rang and he heard a tone. Rosen asks if he suffered from aphasia, hearing and seeing wrong words. When Cameron confirms that it happened to him, Rosen explains that Cameron killed a man.

The operative goes to a convenience store and buys a bottle of bleach and then drinks it, killing himself.

Rosen shows Cameron the MRI scan and explains that the aphasia was caused by the lesion. The doctor explains that Cameron is an Alpha and everyone in the unit is also an Alpha. He takes Cameron to the lounge and explains that his hyperkinesis is a delicate tool, and when it goes out of balance it can have dire consequences. Rosen has Cameron try and throw two quarters into the pop machine from 10' away. Cameron misses the first two shots, and Rosen hands him the quarters back. This time Cameron makes the shots, and Rosen tells him that he's capable of so much more.

The unit meets with Cameron and Rosen figures that the Ghost has kept Cameron alive so he can kill someone else. He wants Cameron to wait and receive another phone call from the Ghost. Gary will trace the call back to its source, but Cameron isn't thrilled at being used as bait. Rosen admits that they don't have a choice because he's still at risk as large as the Ghost is at large.

The Alpha team sets up Cameron at his apartment. Bill complains to Rosen over the phone about using amateurs, but soon realizes that Rosen is using his shrink voice. Meanwhile, Nina waits with Cameron in his apartment and notices photos of his ex-wife Patti and his son Tyler. The conversation turns to the downside of Nina's ability, but she insists that she doesn't have a downside. Cameron points out that she works for Rosen when she doesn't have to. Nina says she's a really nice person but Cameron isn't convinced. Cameron's cell phone rings and Nina tells him to answer it. When he does, the tone goes off again and he enters a trance. Rosen has Nina administer a dose of topirimate. When she does, Cameron comes out of the induction.

Gary traces the cell phone signal to the sixth floor of the Thompson Hotel. Bill and Nina go in after Bill handcuffs Cameron inside the car. Bill heads upstairs while Nina uses her powers on the hotel manager to have him give her a list of long-stay guests on the sixth floor. The Ghost is in Room 613 and Bill watches as a bellboy enters that room. Bill floods his system with adrenaline and smashes through the door.

In the van, Cameron begs Rachel to unlock his handcuffs but she refuses.

The mind-controlled bellboy attacks Bill, stabbing him in the chest. Bill knocks him back and goes after the Ghost as he runs out of the room. When she learns what has happened, Rachel frees Cameron. Meanwhile, Nina tries to get the security guards to block the entrances but finally has the manager do it.

Cameron enters the hotel and Nina spots him. He goes up the stairs while Nina follows in the elevator. The Ghost goes out on the upper terrace and leaps to his death without a second thought.

In Room 613, Bill approaches the unconscious bellboy... and discovers that it's the Ghost. The Ghost touches Bill with his mutilated hand.

As the police take the body away, Cameron wonders why the Ghost would have jumped. Nina contemplates the body and admits it brings back some bad memories. Rosen and Rachel examine the Ghost's hotel room and discover he compulsively documented the entire plan. The doctor is skeptical that someone so compulsive would deviate from his pattern by using Cameron a second time. In the street, Nina and Cameron check on Bill, who blames himself for not keeping the situation contained. Bill stays to spin the story and congratulates Cameron on doing a good job. Rosen talks to Wilson, who says that he'll be coming for Cameron and refuses to hear differently. Meanwhile, the Ghost watches Bill from the crowd.

Back at the office that night, Rosen notes to Nina that it doesn't make sense that the Ghost used an Alpha proxy this time. Further, he believes that the Ghost had to know that the plan would draw some attention. He doesn't accept Nina's suggestion that the Ghost got sloppy. She wonders if Wilson will send Cameron to "the Compound," and Rosen admits that they can't just keep a killer with them. When the doctor says that it's complicated, Nina asks if it was complicated with her.

Gary checks Cameron's text messages and asks who Tyler is. Cameron explains that Tyler is his son, a pitcher in Little League. Nina comes in and suggests that Cameron come back in the morning rather than wait for Rosen. As she takes Cameron and Gary home, Gary picks up the Ghost's phone signal again. Cameron goes after the Ghost while Nina puts Gary in the car and goes to warn Rosen.

Rosen gets a call from Wilson, who tells him that the body they have isn't the Ghost's but the bellhop. The doctor realizes that the whole thing was a setup and Cameron was the bait... for them.

The Ghost watches Rosen's office from the parking lot and spots Cameron coming after him. He backs away and panics when he snags his sleeve on a wire fence.

Rosen tells Wilson that Red Flag had the Ghost use Cameron to draw him and his team out. Bill steps out and shoots at Rosen.

As Rachel goes to her car, the Ghost grabs her and uses her as a shield when Cameron comes up.

Rosen runs to the drug cabinet to get a syringe of topirimate. When he can't get it unlocked, he smashes the glass open as Bill approaches him. Rosen tries to get through to him without success.

The Ghost tells Cameron that he's been the one who has guided him every step of the way. Without his guidance, Cameron will fold under pressure.

Nina finds Bill and tries to use her power to override the Ghost's induction. When it doesn't work, she remembers Rosen's comment about an extreme emotional reaction and kisses Bill. When he's distracted, Rosen injects him with the topirimate.

The Ghost tells Cameron to release him in return for Rachel. Cameron hesitates for a moment and then shoots the sign behind the Ghost. The shot ricochets as planned and hits the Ghost in the back. As the Red Flag killer dies, he tells Cameron that he's on the wrong side.

Later, Rosen scans Bill and confirms that the lesion is breaking apart, restoring him to normal. Rachel assures the doctor that she'll be okay. He warns Bill that he may suffer from fatigue and sadness. As Rosen goes, Nina comes in and Bill points out that she kissed him.

Rosen goes to see Cameron, who is watching his son in Little League. He sympathizes with Cameron, pointing out that Patti doesn't know what he goes through. The doctor offers to help him and asks for help in return, but Cameron says that he's worked for the government before and it didn't go well. Rosen says he understands, but then points out that Cameron murdered a Federal prisoner. If Cameron doesn't join the unit, Rosen warns that he can't protect him. As Cameron considers his offer, Rosen tells him that he's back on the mound.

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