Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on Syfy

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  • When Nina "pushed" a traffic cop, I knew I was going to be "Alphas" fan

    When hot babe Nina "pushed" that arrogant traffic cop, using "Jedi mind control," I knew I was going to be a fan of this show!
  • A fully-formed cast jumps into an artful crime under their yoda teacher's guidance and leaves me smiling.

    I can only really choose a few things from this episode or I'd go on and on. Let's just jump in.

    The personalities. While some are less appealing (Hicks's "I don't belong in this world! aaagh!" cliché), I'll give it some time. I love Gary, I honestly want to be his friend. Rachel's introduction was pretty good, and their mentor's was the best. I would say that the FBI (or DoD or whatever) guy is pretty cookie-cutter, but at this point, what government agent isn't?? I like Gary's breakfast scene as well ("Omega 3!" "I have a special mix"). Heck, I liked all their intros except Nina's, and that's probably personal bias against spoiled kids and hypnotists (one recently made me see a leprechaun). Nina's backstory, in contrast, triggers more sympathy and I'd love to know more.

    The villain. Gee, I wish they'd kept him around longer. Imagine having Adrenaline Guy (I forgot his name) just acting normally for like 3 episodes and then BOOM, suddenly showing he was a traitor. The bleach scene was kind of clichéd, though, and I wish the ripped hole in his jacket had been...resolved? He kind of gasped, after all. And why didn't he make Rachel do something? Wasn't his hand on her? And while we're asking questions here, did anyone else think he was like an evil Monk??

    The banter. The layered conversations and debate over humor and recurring themes (let Gary drive, dangit!) were convincing and real and made me at home in a show I was honestly anxious to try out. Blame it on Heroes, etc. I hope they continue to have a great ensemble show--and right now, I'd prefer they didn't focus on Hicks, nor the beginnings of the Nina/Hicks flirtation. Their characters are my least favorite, though not wildly so.

    The kiss. I'm thrilled to death that it wasn't one of those forced ones between two romantically compatible people. No stirred feelings, no awkward moments afterward. Nice. I also like the way Rachel went to Hicks after she was freed, because before then they hadn't been in contact much. Again, avoiding the obvious rut in the road of forcing intimacy. Also, I'll admit I'm much more a fan (so far) of Rachel b/c of her calm and innocent yet graceful personality. The Nina/Hicks coupling would probably bring out the worst in both of them. Now, of course, all we need is a girlfriend (or boyfriend, I would be hypocritical to make assumptions) for Gary. :)

    Overall, despite the seams where you could see previous influences, this show introduced itself well. The therapist lightly threw the overdramatic, introspective angst of other superhero series' pilots back in their faces, the characters were (mostly) not half-baked at all, and the plot was good. (Sigh-again, bring back The Ghost! He was too smart to die that quickly.) And anyway, who's to say brilliance can't have been "inspired" by other shows? Anyway, I know I'll be watching. At least for now.
  • Syfy's done it again.


    Another great pilot for the Syfy channel. From the action-packed first two minutes right down to the 'family matters' last fifty seconds Alphaswill have your eyes peeled to screen. While a quirky band of heroes is not a completely original idea on television today each incarnation always brings something special and Alphas is no different. From the autistic-esque yet totally brilliant Gary, the vivacious Nina, the insightful Rachel, thesuper strongBill and the newcomer Cameron along with the grey haired Dr Rosen, this band of characters are not only quirky butintriguing. I believe riding with them in that awefully lame minivan of theirs will lead us on some very exciting adventures. I think I'll stick around for more. Do you have what it takes to be an Alpha?

  • I want to like it more than I did. Had some great ideas, but are they being realised?


    Very quickly we meet the people who make up the Alphas and see some of what they are capable of, including a hint of Dr. Rosen having some power as well. Under his leadership, the group do stuff to help out the government. Their objective this episode is an assassin who fired an impossible shot through an air duct to kill an informer locked in a building. Okay, so he is going to end up as one of them, surely you know that right from the start. More interesting is the person who is brainwashing and manipulating people (including the new Alpha recruit) and who later manages to brainwash one of the Alphas to turn him against the others - that's when you find out the whole thing is a plot to kill the head of the Alphas, Dr Rosen.

    Okay, so the plot has some twists and turns, there are some interesting things with the abilities of the people, and for a pilot we are starting to see their relationships with each other. I hate to say it but they're not the most charismatic people I've ever watched on tv, and I'm not all that involved in them or caring about them - yet.

    I'll give it a couple more episodes to be certain, because it has potential if it can get past it's own formulaic quirkiness (beautiful seductress with dark, haunted past; kooky autistic youth who's a little wacky and zany - but just comes across as irritating as all hell and needs a slap; doctor atoning for something in the past; beautiful young woman who somehow isn't appealing to men (huh?); and the young ex-military special forces hunky guy who is sh*t hot at anything physical; and the big black guy who's a bit of an incredible hulk when he's angry but a nice guy otherwise).

    The plotting is what kept this above water and promises to keep the show afloat until I like/get used to/identify with a character. So, worth watching but it could be better - and hopefully will be.

  • Great pilot.

    In my opinion this was a great pilot. As most shows the first episode focus a lot on the case while showing how the main characters DO the cases, that way we learn more about them. This episode went a little beyond that, and we got to learn many things about the characters, which by the way was performed by good actors. I will imagine rating the following episodes as high as 9.5/10 if they can improve some of the flaws, and keep all those good things. What they also need to to is to make stories (and cases) where the characters are a big part, not only that they have to solve dem. (This is the trap most crime shows fall in.) Without the characters, the stories equals bad. I also felt like this show was original, different than many other super hero shows. (Loved that they went beyond the whole "controlling machines"-power. He could actually WATCH TV in the air.) All inn all I was quite impressed with this episode. 9.0/10 for me.