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  • just rewatched this series

    on Netflix and wondered why it was cancelled.

    I really want the responsible persons to clarify this decision,

    or is SyFy just here to torture people?
  • Great series, I guess its too good for tv

    Cannot believe you cancelled this program. What are you guys thinking?
  • they need to make season 3

    Fantasic did they leave it like oh why..

    I was left sat there thinking wtf.

    Did sy fy not realise people was actually waiting for a next season.

  • alphas was a great show!!!

    syfy you guys are off!!!!! G
  • seriously syfy?

    First heroes now alphas very disappointed in you disappointed!!!
  • Why??????

    Why did y'all have to cut this show?! It was a great show! And I want to know what is going to happen next! I'm very disappointed and very upset about this! I love this show!!! How could you have done this?!
  • Very good serie

    But i dont understand why every good series never get a ending, i wish more would boycut the tv stations that dont finish a serie, i see no point in supporting such actions....
  • One of best shows syfy created

    This was one of the best shows I've ever seen on syfy. I never watch the channel or have a desire except this show. I just don't get it. I did watch most of the episodes on netflix and knew many that did as well. Perhaps netflix could pick it up or maybe syfy could check the netflix ratings and change their minds. This is the end of a super hero show that actually used science to explain. I learned while I was entertained. Learning is not done on many shows now a days. This is a sad loss.
  • We Want Alphas to come back

    I think it was a mistake to cancel the show alphas. A lot of people were watching it & I even got hooked watching it. It was an interesting & entertaining show. I hope they will bring them back.

    PLEASE bring ALPHAS BACK!!!!!!

    ITs a great show and needs to be finished properly!
  • This TV show is an Alpha of its own

    Looking at a few episodes I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I had a few problems 1 the Gary character might be a little annoying sometimes. 2 Somtimes the show heavy reminded me of other shows I've seen. Getting that out of the way the show is like nothing I've ever seen on tv. I really like the originality of the stories and the powers. I feel like its X men but it introduces lots of new ideas that make it so different. The CGI helps sell you on what's going on. Most of the time the CGI is moving mind images that show you just how planned out this is. With that first episode I like how they set it up so that you get a idea of these flawed characters. I might give this show a 9.5 if in these first few episodes I saw they made me care about these chacters some more. I like the concept and the ideas behind it and the execution but I don't know why I care if I don't have an emotional connection to these people. That said I like the sense of tension. And in the second episode it shows you more about Dr. Rosen that I liked. I will keep watching and hopefully see these flaws fixed.
  • Five characters

    Some fantastic or at least good - character writing give this show it's weight. The premise and overall plot is pretty weak but I'll continue watching just because of Gary, Nina and the others.

    Nice to see another good one got axed once it actually got going, much like what happened with SGU.

    Good job, dickheads. :|
  • Pls Bring it Back

    Im so sad! Totally love Alphas here in South Africa and sooo disappointed there isn't any more! Pls Bring it Back!!!!!!!
  • Moviesjunkie

    I really loved this show :(

    Now that they have a large audience they decide to cancel Alphas. How dumb can they be? They were starting to have a cult like following. I'm hoping they reconcile.
  • Damn it!!!

    At least have a proper ending!!!!!
  • Sucks it stopped

    Why stop its just getting better
  • glad it's cancelled

    For once i agree with a cancellation. This show was the worst of all the 'people with super-powers' type shows (ie: heroes, no ordinary family, . Alphas was just a group of boring characters, whining at and bickering with one another. It got too irritating to watch after about the 3rd episode. Good riddance.

    @ptkitty : you can't be serious comparing a lame show like Alphas to a wicked classic like Firefly!
  • Closure

    Great programme. I would like closure please. Another season should do the trick.
  • SYFY strikes again

    i cannot believe SYFY would cancel another legitimate sci fi show, especially on a channel lacking any quality SGU, now troll is running this network?

    i'm just flat out disgusted
  • Aaaaaarghhhhh

    Seriously! Where do u send the hate male to SyFy????? I don't think there's much left for me on TV anymore.. anything good . more complicated, less reality tv) gets axed... I don't think I'm going to put myself out there ever again and start watching something new... Why? 'Cause if I'll like it, they'll cancel it... like Alphas, or SGU, or..... Firefly!
  • I love Alphas

    Alphas has brought a refreshing take on an old favorite. The cast and characters are amazing. If the show is canceled with out atleast a ending I will be very disgusted with the network and probably stop watching syfy altogether.
  • alphas season 3 please

    please please we need new season of alphas its one of the best sci fi tv series i've seen
  • A clever title goes here!

    Write a quick review to share your thoughts...

    I'm very picky about my shows..if this gets cancelled ima flip!!
  • It ran its course

    Time to end it before it gets to repetitive
  • New 4400 ?

    I hate to say this, but they way it ended, and seeing no news about season 3, i think this is the new 4400. Another great show, ended badly and in a cliffhanger, too bad.
  • There will be no next season. Too bad. Season one seemed great. But season two was beyond bad.

    I don't quite understand why the series did a 180 after season one. The show was about Rosen starting to realize that the government was treating Alphas as animals, and he was part of the problem. It seemed like there was something really wrong with that psychiatric place he sent alphas to, and that he was willing to put his career on the line to expose what they were doing to Alphas in building 7. Great.

    Sesone 2. Enter Parish. Rosen no longer cares that they are putting chips in the heads of Alphas that commit even minor crimes. Where a regular human who commits a robbery would be given a maximum of twenty year sentence, an Alpha who does the same is given a lobotomy and placed into a cruel situation for life. But who cares about that when you have a guy that wants to start a revolution and maybe GASP! Hurt some innocent non Alpha people. Never mind that they have a good reason to want a revolution, and revolutions are almost always bloody.

    No explanation is given as to WHY Rosen thinks this should be priority. It might seem reasonable to say that if he kept doing what he was doing, and working towards helping Alphas be treated fairly, and working to stop people like Clay who don't care how they treat Alphas as long as the rest of the population is safe, Parrish would lose his followers. But NO. Rosen decided he is now completely fine with people like Clay. No problems at all with building seven. I men if someone is dangerous, why give them the rights promised to all citizens in the Constitution?

    Even more absurd are things like Danni, Rosens daughter and a follower of Parrish, gets caught, and for no reason decides that Parrish was wrong all along. We are never given a reason as to why she changed her mind. It tseemed like she didn't realize that people were going to get hurt if Parrish had his way. She would have to be pretty stupid not to realize that for Alphas to have the rights of other people some bloodshed would occur. But whatever. She just changes her mind overnight, no explanation given. Then even weirder, she betrays Parrish, but decides to stop him by putting herself in harms way, thinking he would rather betray his entire plan then hurt a woman who betrayed him. HUH? Why would anyone do that? If someone betrayed me and ratted me out I wouldn't care if the y lived or died.

    The ratings for this show are a fraction of what they were in season one, so I must not be alone here.

    Its too bad. I will miss gary, Nina, and Hicks the way he was in season one. Whoever hired new writers for season 2 should be ashamed of themselves. they ruined a wonderful show. But it will not be moissed by me.
  • Definitely one of the best shows on TV!

    I absolutely love this show! Can't wait for the next season!
  • could we expect a new season?

    I love this serie.. and hope see more & more new Alphas episodes.. plssssssssss
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