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  • This TV show is an Alpha of its own

    Looking at a few episodes I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I had a few problems 1 the Gary character might be a little annoying sometimes. 2 Somtimes the show heavy reminded me of other shows I've seen. Getting that out of the way the show is like nothing I've ever seen on tv. I really like the originality of the stories and the powers. I feel like its X men but it introduces lots of new ideas that make it so different. The CGI helps sell you on what's going on. Most of the time the CGI is moving mind images that show you just how planned out this is. With that first episode I like how they set it up so that you get a idea of these flawed characters. I might give this show a 9.5 if in these first few episodes I saw they made me care about these chacters some more. I like the concept and the ideas behind it and the execution but I don't know why I care if I don't have an emotional connection to these people. That said I like the sense of tension. And in the second episode it shows you more about Dr. Rosen that I liked. I will keep watching and hopefully see these flaws fixed.
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