Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on Syfy

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  • The team attempts to capture a couple of alphas but are stopped and instead find an alpha woman who cannot talk.


    This was a great episode in my opinion with a high action level. When attempting to capture a pair of alphas that are a significant threat they are discovered and the two alpha males escape. However in the house they find a woman who cannot speak. Initially they believe she has mental problems as well but soon discover that she has significant capabilities but simply can't speak. Ryan discovers that she can communicate by manipulating objects in the room such as a common hair brush. He also discovers that she has a computer that can turn the noises she creates into speech. They become friends and she leads him to believe she was being held captive and feeds him false information about the two male alphas that had escaped and the plot they were involved in. Meanwhile the team is still searching for these criminal alphas who have stolen a gasoline tanker truck to blow up a pharmaceutical company's drug plant that was producing drugs related to alphas. The team, using the falsified information from the girl through Ryan stops the wrong truck. Ryan discovers she is actually the leader of the cell and attempts to warm the team but she knocks Ryan out using sensory overload and escapes. Meanwhile the team has figured out what is going on and intercepts the truck at the plant but the criminal alphas manage to blow it up anyway although not as close to the plant as they had desired also killing one of the two criminals in the process and damaging the plant. Ryan is discovered recovering at the house and the female leader has disappeared. This episode was great with all the action, all the convoluted mystery, and the amazing communications details between Ryan and the alpha female. I was kept totally enthralled from beginning to end, maybe the best episode so far.

  • Gary begins to question not only Dr. Rosen, but also his role on the team.

    This episode came at the perfect time, because as i was watching the first three episodes, I kept wanting to see a little more of Gary. I think that character is fantastic and is expertly played by Ryan Cartwright and I wished that they would focus on him.

    His dynamic with Anna was great, because, like Gary said, she was his first real friend he had met. She treated him as an equal and not like a child, something the team is prone to do. Especially Nina, whose only role in this episode, apparently, was to be burdened by Gary. Him standing up to Nina made me think "good for him" but it also made me cringe. The twist in this episode was completely well-played. The whole time, Anna was viewed as a helpless pawn, but the moment when we realize she is actually the leader was definitely a nail biter. And the show down between Hicks and the other two Alphas was intense. Anna ordering a 'Denial of Service' program was very shocking, for those very few people who know what that is (I, for one, had to look it up afterwards. I don't think we've seen the end of Anna. The distinction Anna made- pointing out the Dr. Rosen isn't an Alpha- was something that I think will stick with Gary. Like Hicks, he is starting to question Dr. Rosen's motives. Overall, I think it was a great episode that began to explain the mystery of Red Flag. And I wonder how this will affect the team's treatment of Gary and Gary's opinion of himself, as well.