Season 2 Episode 9

The Devil Will Drag You Under

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Rosen waits outside the airport for his daughter to come.

Earlier, Rosen convinces Danielle that her best option is to agree to go undercover to find out what Stanton is up to in return for her freedom. He worries that she'll get into trouble but Danielle assure him that she knows what she's doing.

Danielle doesn't show up and Rosen meets with his team the next morning to tell them that his daughter has disappeared. Hicks is angry that Rosen has put Danielle in harm's way while Bill is unhappy that Rosen and Cley set up the undercover operation without bringing him in on it. Rosen insists that Danielle made her choice but Hicks accuses him of twisting her mind like he did in the past to protect his marriage. Hicks storms off, insisting that Danielle may be better off with Stanton. When Rosen tries to stop him, Hicks accuses him of using everyone, shoves him out of the way, and leaves the building.

Two Weeks Later

Gary is giving directions to Bill and Nina, who are tracking two Alpha thieves to the Darpa Storage Facility. While Scipio sets things on fire, Jeff uses his augmented strength to brush aside the security guards. Their accomplice pulls up on a motorcycle and takes the two bags of stolen items from Scipio. As Bill and Nina arrive, they spot the third man and realize that it's Hicks. Bill tackles him and demands answers, and Hicks says that he's doing what he has to. As Bill prepares to punch him, Nina calls to him to stop. Meanwhile, Jeff throws a grenade-like object from one of the duffle bags into the air. It detonates, triggering an overload of the nearby power lines that slams into everyone on the ground. By the time that Bill, Nina, and the surviving guards recover, Jeff, Hicks, and Scipio have made good their escape.

When the team gets back to the office, Bill, Gary, and Rachel wonder why Hicks is working for the other side. Nina insists that they can trust Hicks.

Hicks and the others take a boat to the expensive seaside manor that Stanton is using as his base of operations. As they go to the house, Hicks asks Scipio what they stole but the Alpha says that it's need-to-know. He wonders how Rosen's people found them and Hicks figures that Gary or Nina traced them. Hicks insists that he's helping to make a better world but Scipio figures there's more and his new ally admits that he's doing it for Danielle.

At the office, Rachel shows the others plans of the stolen devices. They are voltaic grenades which can overload electrical systems and release the energy into the vicinity. One properly placed grenade at a junction box could kill hundreds. Rosen insists that they have to focus on recovering the grenades and that for the time being they'll have to let Danielle and Hicks fend for themselves.

As Hicks and Scipio go to the manor, Hicks continues insisting that he is there because the government is going after all Alphas, even the "friendly" ones. When he asks to meet with Stanton, Scipio warns him that the jury is still out and tells him to be patient. A woman, Agnes Walker, greets them and has Scipio tie Hicks to a chair. She explains that whenever she touches someone, she rips open their mind and sees what lies inside. She touches Hicks and starts sifting through his memory, while Stanton stands out on the lawn and listens. Once she discovers that Hicks is sincere and used Danielle to contact Stanton, she stops for the moment and gets him something to drink. Agnes apologizes for the pain and admits that she can't turn off her ability, but is impressed at the depth of feeling Hicks has for Danielle. She points out that there is still something that he's holding back and Hicks, expecting the worse, invites her to go looking for it.

Nina stops in to see Gary, who is eating pudding off-schedule. He admits that he doesn't like Hicks and Danielle now that they're working for Stanton, and Nina tells him that sometimes people do things for complicated reasons. Reassures, Gary offers her a pudding but she tells him to save it for himself and leave. Bill comes in and asks Gary to check on the Darpa robbery footage because something feels off to him, and Gary tells him that sometimes people do things for complicated reasons.

Agnes leaves Hicks alone once she finishes, and Stanton comes in to talk to the defector. He says that Agnes has cleared him and Hicks insists that he wants to help Stanton make the world a better place. Stanton isn't convinced and tells Hicks that he can't see Danielle at the moment because he's keeping her safe until he can confirm that she's sincere. He warns Hicks that he will have to cause her pain to find out the truth, tells Hicks to get some rest, and walks away.

That night, Nina stops in to see Rosen and points out that he hasn't eaten anything. She blames herself for Cameron escaping at Darpa but Rosen tells her that he's to blame for everything that happens. When Nina says that he shouldn't have to bear that burden, Rose disagrees. As she goes, Nina reminds him to get some food out of the fridge.

The next morning, Stanton goes to the freighter Cerberus where he is keeping Danielle. When she realizes that Hicks is working for him, Danielle begs Stanton not to hurt her. Stanton says that he doesn't want to and offers her one last chance to convince him of her sincerity. They go for a walk and Stanton admits that he learned she was betraying him when he saw the look of horror in her eyes when he told her of his plan. Danielle dismisses it as surprise and Stanton insists that the only way to save the world from overpopulation is to cull the populace, leaving enough resources for the rest. When she reminds him that it's mass murder, Stanton asks if she would choose ashes or paradise. Danielle realizes that he's started and Stanton asks her to join him on the first step because she's family. When she says that she feels the same, Stanton doesn't believe her and says that Agnes will have to find out the truth.

Agnes leaves the manor in a car and Hicks secretly follows her.

Bill and Gary track down Nina at the office and place her under arrest. With Gary's help, Bill has worked out that he lost six minutes of time during the robbery and that Nina pushed him into forgetting. Nina tries to talk to Bill privately but he refuses, and she insists that she did what she had to. She walks away and Rosen stops Bill, saying that they need to talk.

When Agnes arrives at the Cerberus, Stanton greets her and tells her to probe Danielle's mind. Agnes realizes that Danielle frightened him and Stanton admits that when he saw the doubt in her eyes, he doubted as well. Agnes goes to the tool cage where they're holding Danielle and prepares to touch her. Hicks breaks in and holds Agnes at bay with a gun. She offers to cooperate if he'll show her how he resisted her mind probe. Hicks agrees and Agnes discovers that Rosen and Nina worked together using drugs and selective pushing to order Hicks to find Danielle no matter what it took, and to resist telepathic probes. Impressed at the depth of Hicks' love, Agnes gives them ten minutes to escape. As they get up top, Danielle tells Hicks that she wants to stay, get into Stanton's good graces, and find out what he's up to. All Hicks knows is that he overheard two men discussing a shipping depot when he delivered the grenades. Danielle remembers that Stanton owns a depot in New Jersey and calls her father. Once he warns him of Stanton's plan, he tells the team that Stanton is going to use the grenades to blanket Manhattan in a massive electrical discharge.

Stanton goes to the docks with another of his Alphas, Eddie, and has him use his ability to see electrical current to find the most active conduit in the city. Once Eddie spots it, Stanton calls Scipio and Jeff at the shipping depot and tells them to deliver the grenades. However, Hicks and Danielle attack them and stun them temporarily. However, Jeff slams Hicks into the wall while Scipio burns Danielle. Their backup, Kimi Milard, comes and uses her ability to give Hicks the order to kill himself. As he prepares to shoot himself with a gun, Bill arrives and takes out Jeff and Kimi. Nina and Rachel restrain Hicks long enough for Nina to use her ability to counter Kimi's, while Rosen goes to Danielle and makes sure that she's okay.

Scipio drives off in the van containing the grenades and Hicks prepares to follow. Danielle insists on going with him and they drive off on the motorcycle while the others follow in the SUV. While Hicks closes in on the van, Rosen calls Gary and has him pinpoint the city's largest power line.

Hicks manages to get in front of Scipio's van as he passes near a power station. After letting Danielle off, Hicks crashes the motorcycle into the van and leaps off just in time. Scipio crashes and they go to the van only to discover that Scipio has escaped. They call the others and Gary tells them that the crash site is the target. Hicks opens the van's back door and discovers that Stanton has wired all of the grenades together into one huge IED. They are hooked up to a remote trigger and a bomb squad can't get there for at least fifteen minutes.

With time running out, Hicks tells Gary to find a database with info on disarming bombs. However, Gary is busy using Skylar's phone to tap into the power systems and shut it down so that the grenades will have no electricity to amplify. He warns them that it will take time and Danielle gets an idea. She steps into the van and tells Hicks to stay back so that Stanton won't see her, and then calls the Alpha. He takes the call and she shows him where she's at, and asks him to let it go rather than kill her. Danielle refuses to let him kill millions of people or to step away from the bomb. Eddie warns Stanton that the grid is shutting down and they have to set off the bomb immediately. Stanton asks Danielle not to make him choose but she insists that there has to be a better way to improve the world without killing anyone.

The others arrive and Hicks holds Rosen back, explaining that she's buying Gary time to shut down the power. Meanwhile, Danielle tells Stanton that he taught her to stand by her principles and fight for what she believes in. Stanton expresses his admiration for her, saying that she's more than he ever hoped for... and she will be remembered. He triggers the grenades just as Danielle realizes what is happening and jumps out of the van.

Gary confirms that he successfully diverted the power. However, his phone is out and there's no one to tell.

Eddie tells Stanton that the plan didn't work. However, Stanton says that it worked and that it has begun.

After confirming that the others are okay, Rosen runs over to his daughter and finds Danielle dying among the debris. He begs her to stay alive as Hicks comes over, and Nina tries to convince Danielle to stay alive. Despite that, Danielle passes away and a sobbing Rosen holds her tightly.