Season 2 Episode 9

The Devil Will Drag You Under

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Thrilling episode

    First off I would like to say to HassanMallah wtf? If you didn't like this episode you can't possibly like the series so just stop watching it but don't come on here to bash it, cause it's great!

    This episode had everything, action, emotions, misdirection (although at some point I saw through the misdirect) and the acting was just outstanding. Who could watch that last scene and not even feel a little sad? Perfect episode for me.
  • The worst epidsode of the season

    To know the plan of Stan is nice but the story is so week.

    Even the beginning of the episode could've been much much better.

    And where is the blond girl? her 2 weeks training should've been end already.

    It was so obvious the girl will die. She's not important for the series.

    cheers :D
  • Well above par, but...

    I've grown very tired of the alpha of the week nonsense. The character of Agnes was smartly played for what little it was by Ms. McClure. The problem was that we've seen plenty of far-fetched alpha abilities so far, and number of them at Parish's beck and call, that could have accomplished intent verification in more subtle and thorough way than was done herein. Nina has done a better job multiple times, and we already know the drugs that Cameron was given along with Nina's pushing wear off quickly. And obviously Parish keep Cameron going long enough for that before meeting face to face.

    Very lazy writing covered up with more effects, flicker scene cuts, and an annoying soundtrack... all rigged to punch the reptile brain over and over to shortcut cognitive function so that people wouldn't pay attention to the holes everywhere. Typical Hollywood trickery adapted from big budget special effects films with a lollypop plot.

    I expect better out of this show... and I'd better get it like was predominant in season 1. This was an obvious way to write a character off the show for emotional manipulation and little more. My pity and thanks to the caste that remained exceptional throughout... and were what kept me going all by themselves.
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