Season 2 Episode 2

The Quick and the Dead

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 30, 2012 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Alpha Eli Aquino uses his ability to move at superhuman speeds to enter a restaurant and abduct Dr. Jay Westman in the middle of a meal with his wife, before anybody can even see him arrive.

Cameron and Danielle Rosen are in bed together. After sex, Danielle asks if anything is wrong and Cameron admits that he's not entirely comfortable with their relationship given who her father is. He mentions feeling weird about Nina, his ex, but Danielle says that he doesn't want to talk about his ex-girlfriends.

Rosen arrives at the office and finds Nathan's analysts occupying the offices. Gary is in the break room shoving the government around because they're using his shelf. After Gary storms off, Cameron talks to Rachel, who is cleaning off her office furniture. When he asks about Nina, Rachel figures that things will get weird and doesn't believe his denial that everything is cool between Cameron and his ex.

Nathan comes to see Rosen and admits that they're crowded, but insists that they're not the enemy. Rosen is willing to work with him and then asks about a report on the crash of a cargo train. There were electrical and fuel supplies aboard and Rosen suggests that Stanton was responsible, but Nathan isn't convinced that Stanton even exists. Rosen assures him that the immortal alpha does exist and then meets with Bill, who has received a report about Westman's abduction.

Bill takes Rachel and Cameron to the restaurant and checks out the crime scene. Rachel sees Eli's footprints while Bill talks to the witnesses and confirms that no one saw Westman's captor. At the office, Gary goes over the footage from the restaurant and spots a blur, and Rosen calculates that Eli must have been moving at ten times human speed. Gary finds another blur five blocks away and they realize that they're dealing with an alpha with an accelerated metabolism. Rosen has Rachel find an odor of burning body fat and as she concentrates, she smells lilac perfume on Cameron. He claims that he used the wrong soap but neither Rachel nor Bill are convinced. The trio follow the odor to a fish processing plant and find Westman, stabbed to death with a screwdriver and stashed inside a walk-in freezer.

Back at the office, Bill confirms that the fingerprints on the screwdriver belong to Eli, who has a criminal record. The team confirms that after his arrest he was sent to Building Seven at Binghamton, and they send for his medical records. When Bill proves reluctant to let Rachel gets involved, she insists that she wants to help and Rosen agrees with her. According to the medical records, Eli suffers from an enlarged suprachiasmatic nucleus, giving him superspeed but at the cost of accelerated aging. Although Eli is only 22, he appears to be in his fifties, and Rosen warns that the aging will get worse. Eli doesn't have a history of violence and Rosen has Gary check for similar abductions. Bill brings in Westman's wife for questioning while Rachel and Cameron go over incident reports.

As Cameron leaves, he spots Nina in the break room. They start to talk but Gary comes in and complains about his refrigerator shelf again. As Nina walks away, Gary tells Cameron that he has six text messages waiting and that they came from Danielle. Meanwhile, Nina hangs up a Van Gogh painting in her office as Rosen comes in. He realizes that she's pushing people for personal gain again and tells her that if she can't honor her commitments to the team then he can't have her there. Rachel comes in, interrupting them, and says that Bill needs help with Mrs. Westman. Nina pushes the woman to calm her down and tell everything, but she talks about her affair and her shoplifting instead of her husband. Angry at Nina's misuse of her powers, Rosen goes out and hears Gary complaining about the government agents. After getting Gary back on track, Gary says that he did find a similar abduction that just occurred eight minutes ago. Rosen has him ping the new victim's cell phone so they can trace it.

Eli takes his new victim, Dr. Casey, to a warehouse. Casey doesn't recognize Eli even though the alpha says that he was Casey's patient. Cameron and Bill arrive, following the trace, and Cameron shoots the knife out of Eli's hand. Eli runs past them at superspeed and ducks into the crowd. Bill amps himself up and tries to follow but can't match Eli's maneuverability and slams into a dumpster while taking a corner.

The team brings Casey to the office and show him photos of the younger Eli. Casey confirms that he and Westman both worked with Eli at the Yankee Medical Group in Stamford, Connecticut. They were researching a controversial brainwave entrainment therapy for children but Casey defends his work, insisting that the parents gave their permission.

Danielle is at a hospital with Stanton, using her powers to sooth the agony of a dying elderly woman. Stanton explains that the woman is the last of his thirty-one grandchildren who never knew who he really was. When Stanton asks about Cameron, Danielle uses her power to reveal her anxiety to him and then suggests that Stanton talk to Rosen now that he's out of the psych hospital. Stanton says that for now, Rosen needs to reach his own conclusions about Stanton's cause. He asks about Cameron and Danielle says that he's a nice guy. However, Stanton warns her that she loses control of her powers when she gets emotionally involved.

Later, Cameron meets Danielle on the street for a date. However, she tells him that she's breaking up with him because things are too complicated now that her father is back. Cameron doesn't believe her claim that she's using his powers to make him feel the way he does, but Danielle walks away without looking back.

Back at the office, Rosen and Bill discuss Casey. Bill wants him to go to jail but Rosen says that they should use him as bait to lure in Eli. He believes that working together, Bill, Cameron, and Gary can match Eli's speed, but Bill warns him that the team isn't ready. He points out that he's been running the team for eight months while Rosen was gone, and accuses him of having ego issues. When Rosen objects, Bill points out that he made his nationwide announcement about alphas without consulting his teammates. Rosen snaps back, saying that he should leave if he feels that way, and Bill storms out.

Nina comes to see Cameron in his office and apologizes for using her power on him, ending their relationship. She wants to make things right by trying again, but Cameron tells her that he's seeing someone else. He refuses to tell her, saying it doesn't make a difference, but Nina pushes him into giving her Danielle's name. As she storms off to her office, she runs into Rachel and accuses her of knowing about Cameron's new girlfriend but keeping it a secret.

That night, Bill and Cameron watch Casey's apartment from an adjoining rooftop. Gary checks the cameras and as they wait, finally figures out that the text messages he read earlier mean that Cameron is involved with Danielle. Bill is amused by the entire situation.

At the office, Rachel is worried because Nina isn't returning her calls. Rosen assures her that Nina is just working some things out and suggests that Rachel go home and rest. Rachel says she's rather join the others and lend an extra pair of eyes, and Rosen agrees. As she leaves, she feels a brief burst of wind but dismisses it as the air conditioning. Once she's gone, Rosen starts to call Nina but Eli snatches the phone from his hand and then holds a knife to his throat. The alpha explains that he needs Rosen to stop his aging process, and rants that Westman and Casey don't care about him. Rosen assures him that he cares and promises to do everything he can, but needs Eli to trust him.

Rachel goes to the apartment and joins the others, and Bill tells her about Cameron's new girlfriend. She thinks that Danielle is manipulating him just like Nina did, but Cameron insists that it's different. Rachel realizes that they've been waiting long enough and that Eli is too impatient to have waited as well. She realizes that the burst of wind she felt back at the office was Eli and leads the team there.

Rosen runs a MRI on an increasingly impatient Eli and tries to calm him down. As they talk, Eli sees Rosen's files on Stanton and informs the doctor that Stanton was the head of the clinic that experimented on him. Rosen tries to find out more about Stanton's involvement but Eli tells him to focus on him. Danielle comes in and sees them, and calls Cameron to warn him. However, Eli sees her and smashes her phone, and Rosen begs him to leave Danielle out of it.

The others return a few minutes later and find Danielle tied up. She tells them that Eli took her father and Gary spots them on the highway via the CCTVs. The team follows them to an empty lot that Eli claims is where the clinic was. There's no sign of the building now and Eli has no idea where it's gone. He begs Rosen to cure him but Rosen warns him that while he can slow down the aging process, he can't reverse it. The FBI team pulls up and Eli takes Rosen into a nearby church and holds a knife to his throat. When the others come in, Eli threatens to kill Rosen if they don't help him. Danielle walks forward and offers her help, and uses her power to stabilize Eli's metabolism. Eli thanks her and they embrace... and a shot rings out. Eli falls dead, a bullet in his back. Danielle, shocked, insist that Eli was just a kid.

The next day, Nathan tells Bill and Rosen that an investigation into the shooting is underway. Bill isn't satisfied but Rosen calms him down, assuring Nathan that they're not questioning his competence. Rosen then suggests that they might take advantage of the open lease on the third floor to move Nathan's analysts out of the team's way. Realizing that he's being played, Nathan agrees and leaves. Bill congratulates Rosen, who is furious that someone on Nathan's team betrayed them. Upset that he couldn't protect Eli, Rosen apologizes to Bill, admitting that he was letting his ego get in the way, and promises to make it up to them.

Danielle meets Stanton and tells her that she wants to be with Cameron. He gives her his blessing but warns her to be careful.

Rachel comes into the office and tells the others that Nina isn't returning her calls. The others haven't seen her either. Rosen tells them that something is wrong and that they'll continue to work with Nathan. However, they won't inform him of their secret findings about Stanton and the other Alphas. Rosen believes that someone deliberately eliminated their first lead to Stanton and tells the others that they'll keep any further information within their inner circle.

Stanton goes to see his last grandchild, kisses her gently on the forehead, and then smothers her to death.

Rosen finds Nina at her favorite bar and she accuses him of getting another alpha killed. Rosen objects but Nina points out that he's gotten a lot of alphas killed. When Rosen asks why she hasn't been returning their calls, Nina tells him that she's done with the group and is going on her own. She tells Rosen that Cameron is involved with his daughter and then uses her power to push Rosen into leaving her alone. When he snaps out of her spell, it's hours later and the bar is empty.