Season 2 Episode 9

The Devil Will Drag You Under


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Stanton Parish plans works to engineer a city-wide blackout... and Hicks defects to help him.

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Oct 03, 2012
List of plot holes and things that annoyed me. 1) Why did hicks go and kiss danielle for so long before he went to check the car? 2) Why did danielle stand there when she knew the bomb was going off, clearly cameron survived and he was no more then 5 - 10 feet further away, how about instead of yelling run for 2 seconds, and then staring at cameron, you just took like 4 or 5 bounds away from the bomb? Dumbass. 3)Why the fuck was cameron running torwards her? 4) I guess we've just abondoned all hope of having the "alphas" have plausible powers. 5) Parish's new plan? Just get rid of a portion of the population? Thats it, really? And he was going to acomplish this by doing what? Bombing new york? All the advanced technology and worldwide influence he had, creating a medical device that made peoples alpha ability strongs, and bombing new york was his plan on whiping out a large % of the population? 6) I like how we just randomly leave out charicter now, where the hell is the new blonde guy, or the memory girl. It was 2 weeks later and more? Neither of them are in the episode. Theres more, but this is already to long.moreless

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