Season 2 Episode 4

When Push Comes to Shove

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 13, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Pushing toward a cliff

    This is probably one of my favorate episodes of the show, this is pritty much a characters study on the Nina character.

    It's pritty much the classic story of the missuse of power and whenever power is missused there are always severe consequences. You feel sympathy but not complete sympathy for her character as we see her abusing her power from the present as she is using it not just on regular humans for her own selfish reasons, but also against her friends. This really made me dislike her because what she was doing was completely wrong. This unfortunately was the same case when she was a child at first it started out small but then it escilated. As things escilate in the present, we discover the truth of what she did to Tommy but also using her ablity to make Cameron train his gun on his friends, this really made me worried because Nina at this point was one step close to becoming a supervillian at that point and may be beyond help.

    But as we see the truth finally crashes down on Nina as she finally sees the damage she's done. The scene on the building I thought was thrilling but also emotional as she is experssing her despair we see flashbacks of the present and past. The tragidy of her character is that she is broken. She is lonely and just misserable, she really wants to feel love and happyness but the problem is she is taking short cuts to aquire it and there are never any short cuts for these things. She even in one flashback we see her deluding herself by using the push power on her, it shows how badly she wants the happy scenario she's creating to be real even though she knows the truth it isn't. The moment when we see the final flashback of her father was heart sinking as we see he killed himself due to what her ablity did to his mind, it's just hard leason once again show why power must never be misused.

    The sequence when Cameron saves Nina from suicide was thrilling, like how it was shot and the slow motion really giving you that feeling of just mere minutes and seconds sliping by slowly almost like in the game "Max Paine" with the bullet time ablity.

    The ending was satisfying as we see Nina does learn her lesson and comes back to the team with no delusions but reality ahead.
  • What a fantastic episode

    A wonderful collage of the highs and lows of life, the struggle to overcome hurts in the past and finding your purpose for the future. I loved how the writers and producers dealt with the core issues of Nina's life. Excellent.
  • Stupid Writing, Ignored Premises, and Yet

    It was already established in S1E10 The Unusual Suspects that direct and unfiltered eye contact is necessary for Nina to push someone, hence why Agent Nathan Cley wore sunglasses when interviewing Nina in that episode. There were a number of other incongruities throughout this entire episode... enough for me to verbally curse these lazy writers, who don't even research their own show, for potentially making an excellent series stumble and fall.

    The cast, as usual, did an excellent job of trying to hold up what the writers dropped. For the writers, I give a 4, or maybe 3 in general; but I'll gift a 5 in the balance for the character expose. That could have (should have) come out the same in a less slipshod way. For the cast, a 9 and not a 10, but that isn't their fault... they couldn't have done any better. And by Tom's dialogue from almost his first moment, it was so obvious that he'd been pushed repeatedly considering his total lack of awareness of reality at hand.

    The old "black bag" trick (pulled over the audiences eyes) of not showing his full past with Nina, through Nina, was shamefully lazy writing. Overall, a 7, because I have high(er) hopes for this show to get past the contrived nonsense inserted between seasons. I have to be hopeful after that nonsense fight-club / gladiator episode last week; yet another so overdone, overuse plot seen in too many shows already.
  • Best episode

    LOVED this episode enough said
  • Favorite Episode

    A whole episode about the most mysterious characters back-story, Nina, gotta love her. This episode was top notch.
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